Suresh Gyan Vihar University Journal of Climate change and water

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  • Volume 4, 2017
1 Rice Cultivation Monitoring and Acreage Estimation using RADARSAT SAR images in Jharkhand, India Click here to View
Narayan Kumar Mishra , Rahul Kumar Singh , Amit Kumar and A. T. Jeyaseelan
2 SCS-CN Method for Surface Runoff Calculation of Agricultural Watershed Area of Bhojtal Click here to View
Priyanka Dwivedi , Abhishek Mishra , Sateesh Karwariya, Sandeep Goyal , T. Thomas
3 Forest cover and land use mapping using remote sensing and GIS technology Click here to View
Shruti Kanga
4 An analysis of processes and practices prevalent at the lower Chambal Valley Click here to View
Ranga, V.
5 Water quality assessment of Harmu river, Ranchi (INDIA) Click here to View
Kirti Avishek, Kishloy Ranjan
6 Snowmelt runoff modeling using geospatial techniques-a case study of upper catchment of Indus river upto Leh Click here to View
Ankita Bhardwaj , Abanish Kumar and Pramod Kumar
7 Delineation of waterlogged areas in Vaishali district (Bihar) using normalized difference water index Click here to View
Suraj Kumar Singh
8 Evaluation of flood impacts vis-à-vis urban sprawl and changing climate in Srinagar city and its environs Click here to View
Tauseef Ahmad , A.C.Pandey , Amit Kumar
9 Integrated Approach for Land Resource Management: A Case Study of Kathan Watershed, Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh, India Using Digital Classification Technique Click here to View
Subhajit Manna , Abhishek Mishra , Amit Daiman , Sateesh Karwariya, Sandeep Goyal
10 Spatial Pattern of Landslide Vulnerability at Block Level in District Mandi of Himachal Pradesh: A GIS Based Approach Click here to View
Krishan Chand , D.D. Sharma
11 Water Resource Management Using Geospatial Technology: A Review with Reference to Groundwater Click here to View
Mohd.Sayeed Ul Hasan , Mariya Hasnat , Deepak Kumar
12 Land Degradation and Soil Loss Estimation by Rusle and GIS Technique: A Case Study Click here to View
Dhanesh Lal , Manti Patil ,Suresh Kumar ,Yogesh Gotekar ,Sateesh Karwariya ,Rohit Kumar