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Agriculture School in Jaipur

Agriculture School in Jaipur of Suresh Gyan Vihar University plays the role of providing the knowledge of agriculture to its students in an exceptional manner that completely changes the research and significant service and assistance by providing the skills necessary to develop farms in order to support the growing population and economy. Hence, we gladly welcome your presence to be a part of our School of Agriculture. Excellence is our culture, here we create an influencing atmosphere that exclusively permits the students, staff and faculty members to attain their maximum in every sector. The School of Agriculture has been authorized to endeavor for the main role of transforming the young and energetic youth into skilled first class agriculture business managers and agriculture entrepreneurs. Eventually, the marks that agricultural education will make on the development of our country are essential by opening new possibilities and employment opportunities resulting in enhanced living standards and a better work environment. All can be made possible because of the increment in sustainable productivity. School of Agriculture mainly focuses on developing its academic relations nationally and internationally also through the extension of activities.

Activities of Agriculture School in Jaipur

  • Agriculture School in Jaipur refers to all those activities which are related to cultivation of land for the production of crops.
  • Agriculture is backbone of Indian economy and prosperity. It can legely stand for the prosperity of the Indian economy.
  • Agriculture in India has a significant history. Today, India ranks second worldwide in farm output.
  • The 11th five year plane (2007-2012) emphasizes that agriculture development is necessary for rapid economic development of the country
  • Agriculture and allied sectors like forestry and fisgeries contribute 25 percent to India’s GDP
  • Agriculture is demographically the broadest economic sector and plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic fabric of India.
  • Agriculture is the largest provider of livelihood in rural India.

Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture was the key development in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled people to live in cities. The history of agriculture began thousands of years ago. After gathering wild grains beginning at least 105,000 years ago, nascent farmers began to plant them around 11,500 years ago. Pigs, sheep and cattle were domesticated over 10,000 years ago. Plants were independently cultivated in at least 11 regions of the world.




Effect of plant spacing and pinching time on growth, yield and flower quality of African marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) under semi-arid conditions


Response of nitrogen and zinc on maize (Zea mays L.) under rainfed conditions


Performance of sulphur and iron on green gram (vignaradiata L.) under sandy loam soil

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