Suresh Gyan Vihar University Journal of Climate change and water

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  • Volume 1, 2014
1 Green Consumerism: Customer Satisfaction & Environmental Safety; An Impact Study Click here to View
Swati Mishra, Dr. Arvind
2 Water Management Click here to View
Dr. Asha Rathi
3 Hospital Biomedical Waste Management Click here to View
Dr.Neelam Jain
4 A Survey on End Millling of A12024-SICP Metal Matrix Composite Click here to View
Atul Kumar, Dr.Sudhir Kumar, Dr.Rohit Garg
5 A Study of Patient Discharge Process in a Multidisciplinary Hospital of Tier-1 City of India Click here to View
Dr.Ajai Kumar Jain, Dr.Harishiraj Panwar
6 Managing Climate Change in Supply Chain System Through Multi Agent System Approach Click here to View
SurjeetDalal, Dr. Srinivasan, Dr. RC. Chhipa
7 A Review of Air Pollution with respect to Health Issues Click here to View
B.L. Dhabhai, Prof.Dr. D.N. Rao, YashicaDhabhai, Chandan Kumar
8 Phonoms in Body Centered Cubic Niobium- Molybdenum Alloy Click here to View
Rama Nand Sharma, Dr. S.B.L. Tripathy
9 Solar Distillation Techniques for Waste Water Utilization Click here to View
Abhishek Singh
10 Working Capital Management and Its Effectiveness on the Profitability of Cipla Ltd. Click here to View
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Dr.Avadhesh Kumar Verma, Sunil Kumar, Diwakar Singh
11 Evolution and Mutation Due to Climate Change Click here to View
GarimaKumari, HardikSaxena
12 Enhancing Water Management Awareness in the Students of Secondary School Through Inquiry-Based Teaching Model Click here to View
PritiKumari, Dr. S.K. Arora, Keshav Jindal
13 Groundwater Recharge by Lavatory Water Click here to View
Rajpal Singh Kushwah
14 The Impact of the Green Revolution and Prospects for the Future Click here to View
Pratap Singh Patwal, Dr. A.K. Srivastava
15 Plasma Technology : A Safe Disposal of Waste Click here to View
Yogendra Patel