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Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

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Faculty Profile

Prof (Dr) Gaurav Sharma

Principal, School of Applied Sciences
Suresh Gyan Vihar University ,Jaipur

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Dr Sarmad Moin

Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph. D. (Molecular Biology & Plant Proteomics), SLET

Area of interest: Molecular Biology, Natural compound isolation & characterization, and Plant Biotechnology

E-mail ID: sarmad.moin@mygyanvihar.com

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Dr. Mohammad Irfan Ali

Assistant Professor

Designation: Assistant Professor 
Qualification: M.Sc. PhD (Biochemistryi)
Area of Interest : Plant Biochemistry, Protein engineering, Nanobiotechnology
E-mail ID: irfan.ali@mygyanvihar.com

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Dr. Hariom Nagar

Assistant Professor

Qualification : NET, GATE, CSIR-JRF, SRF & Ph.D (Organic Chemistry) IIT Roorkee

Area of interest : Liquid Chromatography, Organic synthesis & Nano particle synthesis

E.mail : hariom.nagar@mygyanvihar.com

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Dr. Manjinder Kaur

Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D (Synthetic & Computational Organic Chemistry)

Area of interest : Organic synthesis of new synthetic compound and their theoretical investigation.

E.mail : manjiner.kaur@mygyanvihar.com

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Dr. Sunita Ojha

Assistant Professor

Qualification :Ph.D (Biotechnology) IIT Guwahati, GATE

Area of interest : Nanobiotechnology & Plant Biotechnology

E.mail : sunita.ojha@mygyanvihar.com

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Himani Sharma

Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Sc (Pure Mathematics)

Area of interest : Pure Mathematics

E.mail : himani.sharma@mygyanvihar.com

Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sharma


Qualification : M.Sc.& Ph.D.(Thin Films)

Area of interest : Thin Films ,Solar cell, Optoelectronics.

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Imran Husain

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc (Biotech), Ph. D. (Pursuing)

Area of interest: Nutraceuticals, Perfumery, Essential oil & Industrial Biotechnology

E-mail ID: imran.husain@mygyanvihar.com

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Nalini Tomer

Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Sc (Biotech), Ph.D (Pursuing)

Area of interest : Plant Biotechnology & Nanotechnology

E.mail : nalini.tomer@mygyanvihar.com

Anupriya Rana


Qualification : M.Sc (Genetic), Ph.D (pursuing)

Area of interest : Plant Physiology and Genetics

E.mail :anupriya.rana@mygyanvihar.com

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