1 A Comprehensive Review On Bixin
Seeds : Benefits And Future Scope
Swapnil S. Patil,Preeti khulbe, Manoj kumar Nitalikar
2 Developementand Validation Of New Analytical Techniques For Determination Of Anti-Diabetic
Drugs: A Review
Parvin Shaikh, Neelam Singla
3 Enhanced Piezoelectricity Of Electro Spun PVDF And PVDF Trfe Based Nanofibrous Membrane Via
Annealing Treatment – A ShortvReview
Remya Nair, Ankur Jain, Nader Shehata
4 Understanding The Depression’s Concept And Perspectives Of Pharmacotherapeutics In Modern Context
Agarwal Mahadev, Agarwal Rashi, Singla Neelam, Singh S. K, Gilhotra Ritu
5 A Review On Chronopharmaceutical Drug Delivery Systems: Rhythmic Difficulties And Regulatory Challenges
Bhagyesh U. Janugade  and Neelam Singla