VOL 3, ISSUE 2, 2017

1 Testing Facilities for a Solar Tracking device using Boundary Scan Test Strategies
Raul Rotar
2 TLBO based Load Frequency Controller
Chirag Arora, Dr. Nagendra Kumar Swarnkar, Rahul Sharma
3 Destination Sequenced Distance Vector Routing Analysis with MANET
Rakhi Purohit, Dr. Bright Keswani
4 A Review- Risk Assessment Of Runway Overrun Incursion
Priyanka Peter, Dr.Omprakash Netula
5 Review on LEACH for Wireless Sensor Network
Pramod Sharma
6 Changing Leadership Paradigm
Trilok Kumar Jain, Sorab Sadri
7 Improving Teaching-Learning through Smart Classes
Dr. Shruti Tiwari
8 Design of A Photonic Crystal Fiber With Low Confinement Loss and Flattened
Sandhya Sharma, Dr. O.S. Lamba
9 Analysis of Various Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Computing: A
Jyoti Rathore, Dr. Bright Keswani, Dr. Vijay Singh Rathore
10 Approach for Improve Software Fault Prediction based on Mandel bugs
Pranil Kanungo, Manoj Kumar Sharma
11 Low BER based Video Transmission by Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Richa Singh, Manoj Kumar Sharma
12 Detection and Prevention of Denial of Services Attack based on Signal Strength
and Reputation Mechanism
Devendra Poonia, Manoj Kumar Sharma
13 Design and Development of Lower Bit Rates Adept Secured Multimedia
Transmission Over Zigbee
Pooja Mishra, Manoj Kumar Sharma