Gyan Vihar is the logical outcome of a great dream, and meticulous research and development. The foundation stone of Gyan Vihar was laid down in the month of Basant when fresh and bright leaves sprout on trees as nature seems to be reborn, on 19th February 1994 by the great academician and thinker Acharya Shri Purushottam Uttam. Elegant Scottish cottages, set in lush green environs were beckoning the new buds to flourish and grow on 7th April when the great visionary and philanthropist Shri Suresh Sharma inaugurated the preprimary section. On a pretty rainy day when the first class was held, small droplets of rain sprinkled from the heavens as if to bless the event.

In the first academic session over 150 Tiny Tots were enrolled. Within one-year the school developed into a middle school and in 1999 the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) accorded accreditation for secondary and senior secondary classes.

In five short years Gyan Vihar took the shape of one of the most modern and advanced schools of state. Presently more than a thousand students and around a hundred teaching and non teaching staff are proud members of the family of Gyan Vihar School.

In 1999, Gyan Vihar decided to launch a technical education institution to serve the students at a national level and a new establishment was planned that would adopt and employ new technologies and advances in the field of Science. Thus was born the Gyan Vihar School of Engineering & Technology, which is spread over 32 Acres of land within the municipal limits of Jaipur City. Initially it was a bushy patch of barren land, which had been lying uncultivated and fallow for a long time. On 19 February 2000 Acharya Shree Purushottam Uttam laid down the foundation stone with a heavy heart in a solemn and somber ceremony and then flowers for the founder Shri Suresh Sharma were sprayed there over, which vitalized the Campus with a new energy and imparted a rosy aroma in and around the grounds. Soon the dull and lifeless piece of land was transformed into a lively campus, humming with activity and youthful energy where hundreds of students were bustling around, busy and totally involved in the serious business of building their careers. The Campus became a place of cheer, joy and sincerity within a year's time. At present more than 11 lac sq.ft. of constructed area with 100 most advanced and sophisticated laboratories are available for the students. Residential facilities for boys and girls in the campus make the institution unique. The amenities and ancillary areas have given it the look of an institution of international standard.

Within duration of eight years Gyan Vihar has emerged as one of the premier educational institutes of the country. It is now launching some advanced and highly sophisticated management and technical programmes, of international standards to meet the ever increasing demands and ambitions of both domestic and foreign students.