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Individually we desire that our scholars receive the best of facilities and spend their quality time at University campus and enjoy the ambiance feel cherished that leads and influence them to reach their maximum capacity for a promising future.

Following the legacy of perfection in every dimension. The Suresh Gyan Vihar University focus on the wellbeing of students from a very versatile background of society as it demands the scholars that their life is comfortable and relaxed when it comes to the venture of learning. Perfect accommodation along with sports and gym facilities that are dedicated to enhancing the living standards and overall resilience in the personalities of the students. The Gyan Vihar family as a whole provides national and international exposure in every field of studies.

Acquiring strong and firm support whenever required

A place designated for an easy network system arrangement to offer support and assistance everywhere at the campus in the University consisting of all hostels, academic schools via central service, for advising student affairs.

Particularly in your school

The prosperity and wellbeing of scholars, consultant work carried out by an academic expert to solve the adversities and dilemma faced by the scholars on regular bases. Eventually, it helps to inculcate progress and development in the personality of students.

In your living quarters

Exclusively, each of our residential space under the premises of the University is fully supported by a party of full-time maintenance staff all over the clock throughout the year. Basically, the whole entourage consists of chief warden and senior residents who always look after the residences and implement proper associate support for the scholars.

Taking good care of your health

Our School of Health Care and Pharmacy administer and implement a good culture of medical health camps and spreading awareness about different health problems subsequently. Whole program is run by the well-experienced team of students and faculty members along with doctors and medical professionals.

Disability support

Basically, the motive of this facility is to assist an individual who is handicapped to overcome barriers of human capacity and feel motivated all the time. At a personal level, we influence the scholars with any disability to overcome such long term effects on health, as such things include many aspects like learning difficulties, several down syndromes, sensory impairments, and mobility impairments. Students are always welcome to be in touch through proper channels.

International students support services

The Suresh Gyan Vihar University has distinctive support services for the students. We do provide expert advice on studies. Our team is always active to help out the students around the clock. The criterion of well-established contacts for facility providers both inside and outside the campus. Organizing different social and cultural programs for students from different countries.

A protected environment

We assure a secure and safe environment for scholar all over the campus, as it is our primary obligation. Subsequently, there is zero tolerance for any type of ragging, bullying, and victimization, which help the students to get acquainted in a better way. On the other hand, security services and CCTV cameras operate around the clock around the year making sure safety and security of the campus.

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