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The Success Score

The Suresh Gyan Vihar University consistently strives hard in every aspect to make attempts to contribute towards better job circumstances and opportunities as well as distinguished prestige in society for scholars. Following this indifferent perception, we are introducing a brand new enterprise. The Success Score.

The Success Score is a cutting edge instrument that substantially measures how well the student is adopting and embracing the current education system and preparing himself for the upcoming successful career. The initial use of Success Score will also help the scholars to observe his/her estimation in increasing the score. Every other day as he/she boost and earn the scores for a specialized job role of his preference and compete in the campus activities whether literary and sports he/she will earn points.

Success Score is rather a highly professional application of the existent 20 points mission of SGVU. It is a new way of redefining and elevating our 20 point mission program to the next level in the development. This program constitutes not only the traditional educational knowledge but the focus will be to prepare the scholars that are skillful, industry ready and a confidant in every professional field so that they quickly show the expertise in the job and excel in the career quickly.

Student can efficiently accomplish this with certification in the admissible field to enhance the Success Score and also to effectively grab the job at the fresher level with the expertise of an expert. As the Success Score determines the subsequent ways by which he/she can promote the way he learns and leads.

Previously, the grading the system used to grade 100% for the academic classroom learning and the evaluation which now will become 60% contributing to academic growth and 40% for extra earned skills and activities like Club & Communities, Collegiate System, Research projects, Rural assessment, Good governance, Peer mentoring, Sports, Summer training, Internships, Certificates & Training and Startup an initiative by students. The aspiration of this contemporary system is to provide students a holistic growth platform that develops their over all personality in every aspect. Definitely the students will prepare themselves with their real potential and showcase the same to the employers.

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