Steinbeis Corporation

Academic Collaboration between Steinbeis Corporation and Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Suresh Gyan Vihar University Technology centre in collaboration with Steinbeis Corporation, Germany work on “IT System Integration”, where various services will be provided to the Industry’s Research & Development wing, which includes

  • Mutual recognition of Programmes.
  • Networking Solutions.
  • Web Solutions.
  • IT Business Integration.
  • Multimedia Solutions .

Steinbeis Corporation, Germany provides an access point to the whole network of Steinbeis. The core business of Steinbeis is to offer competitive Technology Transfer or concrete Problem Solution as opposed to theoretical / fundamental research.

Agenda behind this tie up is to start scaling our Research to be Industry oriented & thus to obtain projects from the Industry on various IT platforms, where we can utilize our technically enabled Professor, Faculty & Research Scholars to execute the same. Our expert panel will provide the technical guidance offshore & in house both to make the implantation of the system much more economic & practically viable. The experts know how to use the pure research, applied research and development, in tune with business practice.

The next item on our agenda is to develop latest IT tools at our Technology Centre, which will be 100% marketable and will be first one to be available to industry. For the same we may even have close degree cooperation with other research and development bodies, financial bodies and other research institution. Our additional benefit may be counted as low financial cost in terms of manpower and infrastructure & also timeliness in execution & implementation.

Our aim of translating innovative technologies and applications into practice will provide Industry with a competitive edge in the face of global competition. Our portfolio will range from product optimization, to improving processes and systems, integrating emerging technology into existing set-ups and even completely new developments.