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Student Community

Student Community

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Suresh Gyan Vihar University Community Forum

The Various Communities Are As Follows:


Green Community wants to make students aware of conserving energy.


The main purpose of the club is to develop various sports team within the university


To serve as a vehicle for developing the learning among the students by way of discussions


The mission of I tech Community is to improve and enrich the Technical Knowledge of students.


To promote and maintain a fair and unbiased educational environment.

Corporate AXIS

Marketing Club: students interested in Marketing and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)


Dedicated to the BHMCT students to think out of the box and looking for newer recipes & technologies


The mission of the society to develop Talent among students


SEEDS (Socio-Economic and Education Development Society) – Social Activity Club

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SMILES- Society for Monitoring Irregularities and Lapses in Educating Students

The vision of SMILES community is to spread smiles on everyone’s face. In this busy world, people have forgotten to Smile. The community corner stoned on working to keep people happy and smiley around them.
Events like Donation drive were collecting old clothes and necessary items from students and faculties are donated to Orphanages and street-side needy people.
International Fest for Cultural Exchange, Grievance handling of International and National students, etc. things are leaded by students who make them compassionate and tolerant to various cultured students.


A forum completely dedicated to the BHMCT students to think out of the box and looking for newer recipes, technologies and active involvement among all university students. The purpose is to develop newer methods by way of interaction among the students & the community and to find out new ways of doing things. At the same time, Engineering students will try to develop new instruments and MBA students will develop the marketing plan, thus benefiting all.
The students at the same time will visit Middle & Low-class Restaurants & Hotels and Roadside Dhabas to share the learning which will take them close to the masses and at the same time will help small business to adopt changes with the time.
Cooking competition, indigenous and local food recipes events are enclosed in it.


TCL- Talent and Creativity League

The mission of the society to develop Talent among students which is the ability to technically execute an idea and to develop Creativity, which is the solution to an artistic problem which is unique. It makes the students active creatively and helps them understand the creative abilities that are hidden in them.
Everyone is bestowed with some kind of talent and creativity. The difference is some recognize it while others are unknown. It discovers the mudded talent and polishes to illuminate.
Art and Craft activities, Mehandi competition, Singing- dancing, play are part of this.

HYPHEN- Book Community

One has rightly said that “Knowledge has no end.”This knowledge is best collected by various books. Hyphen community caters this need and developing the reading habits among the students.
The community is a vehicle for developing the learning among the students by way of discussions and sharing of knowledge. It provides the platform for interactive sessions among scholars and student readers.
In this techno age, having soft skills is prerequisite. Suresh Gyan Vihar University acknowledges this hence the community focuses over-improving communication skills.
Visits to Bookfair, Jaipur Literature Festival, interactive session with various authors and writers have been organized.

SEEDS- Socio- Economic and Educational Development Society

It rotates around about gender equality through education, skill development and non-discriminate opportunities & access to both the sex. It makes students more active to the social cause and creates awareness in the youths.
Students learn the holistic approach for issues that are persisting in the society and work for their solution. Pollution, dowry, hygiene, eve-teasing, female feticide are some of the areas where the youth of today needs to be educated and through Seeds Community, they get the right knowledge to lead a meaningful life.
Awareness programs, Nukkad- nataks, village visits, interaction with social workers are the efforts made in this context.


Wellness community fosters the wellbeing among the students. It promotes health and wellness through healthy lifestyle choices. Enhance patient care and patient safety through wellness and create a safe, healthy work environment.
Along with physical health, mental health is also looked upon. Community Wellness Program works to promote and encourage wellness practices for staff and all members. We support a holistic view of health in which physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health are considered interconnected and essential in achieving improved health and wellness.
Health Checkups, Yoga, Motivational Sessions are the key to this community.

I-TECH (Innovative Technocrats)

The mission of I-Tech Community is to improve and enrich the Technical Knowledge of students through various training programs and workshop of the latest technology to fulfil the future requirements of the industry.
To meet the needs of the students I tech focuses on providing support, resources, community outreach and partnerships; programs in basic skills development. It develops and upgrades essential skills in the students by creative ideas.
Events on Technical Knowledge, personality development, communication skills and related social activities are done.




The Green community aims to make students aware of conserving energy, investing in renewable energy, conserving water, conserving fuel, reducing waste and protecting and restoring the community’s natural resources. It talks about sustainability and conserving nature.
The guiding principle of the community is 3R i.e. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Minimizing the use of natural resources, reducing carbon footprints, improving water levels, Saline water treatment and rainwater harvesting are some of the issues which have top priorities in the agenda.


Sports and games are very beneficial to us as they teach us punctuality, patient, discipline, teamwork and dedication. Playing sports helps us in building and improving confidence level. If we practice sports regularly, we can be more active and healthy.
The main purpose of the club is to develop various teams within the university and their participation in various tournaments at the regional and national level.
The main sports events are Bellicose, Eklavya where different sports are scheduled entailing intra and inter competition in the university.

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