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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Suresh Gyan Vihar University’s Bachelor in Computer Application with SPECIALIZATION IN GOOGLE APPS and Android. This program primarily demystifies the Basics of varied and multiferous aspects of the world of Google, and attempts to define Google and all technologies that go with it. Google App development is very much a work in progress at this point in time and therefore while the Course comprehensively and uniformly encompasses the basic technologies involved (e.g. Virtualization); the history of the cloud and its roots in Service – Oriented Architecture and Utility Computing. It has vast scope to make full use of the fact that latest technologies are in a state of fluid and dynamic change and are rapidly replacing the old models. Students of this program will also benefit from the several practical credits that provide hands-on capabilities on the various aspects of Google Stratosphere.

The aim of this partnership is to create a community of independent thinkers by fostering collaborative learning. The university wants its student to learn the most advanced technologies to be competitive and job ready. With this vision, it has introduced new-age programmes to enhance the employment potential of BCA students

The student should have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or equivalent grade in 10+2.

  • Android Development Training
  • Android Nano Degree Program
  • Google apps for work(Deployment Training)
  • Google App Engine Training
  • Adwords/Analytics Training
  • Google Apps for Education Training
  • Chromebooks Training
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Google Certifications
  • The program provides a sound academic and Industry base from which an advanced career in Computer Application can be developed.
  • Bachelor in Computer Application Students have a bright future in the IT field as they can take up ample jobs as programmers and grow to become project managers.
  • B.C.A. also paves way for a post graduation in the relevant field which is always preferred.
  • B.C.A. provides substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of Computer Science

Fast growing information technology and communication systems have become critical components of almost every company’s strategic plan. Companies which want to take advantage of the new information technologies and communication systems require expert professionals, who can apply computer science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology.


I Semester

  • Fundamentals of Programming Language
  • Ecommerce and Digital Marketing
  • Environmental Studies
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Human Value & Ethics

Practicals & Sessionals

  • Programming Language Lab
  • Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Lab

II Semester

  • Programming in Java
  • Fundamental of Operating System
  • Industrial Project I
  • Employability Skills – I
  • Advance Ecommerce and Digital Marketing
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & MySQL)
  • System

Practicals & Sessionals

  • Java Lab
  • Operating System Lab
  • Web Development Lab
  • System analysis and designing Lab

III Semester

  • Introduction to Android
  • Database Management System
  • Advance Web Development (PHP and PHP Frameworks)
  • Angular JS
  • Employability Skills – II

Practicals & Sessionals

  • Android Lab
  • Industrial Project Oriented DBMS Lab
  • Industrial Project II
  • Angular JS Lab
  • Practical Training Seminar I

IV Semester

  • Advance Android Development
  • Data Structure & Algorithm
  • Software Engineering Fundamentals
  • Programming Logic & Techniques
  • Management of Information System
  • Computational Mathematics

Practicals & Sessionals

  • Android Project Lab
  • Data Structure Algorithm Lab
  • Project Stage-I

V Semester

  • Industrial Training

Practicals & Sessionals

VI Semester

  • Advance Android Development – II
  • Programming in PYTHON
  • Introduction to AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Intellectual Property & Rights

Practicals & Sessionals

  • Advance Android Development Lab
  • Project Stage-II
  • AWS Lab
  • Project Training Seminar-II
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