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Who We Are

SGVU- School of Engineering & Technology came into existence in the year 2000. The School has to it more than 150 faculty members and over 300 students pursuing multifarious programs at UG and PG level. There are a total of eight departments, namely, Computer Engineering & Information Technology, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, Electrical, Civil,Applied & Bio-Science,Diploma in Engineering & Computer Application. Three departments to the school are accredited by NBA, whilst, rest are in the process of gaining accreditation from international organizations. A total of 11 UG and 9PG programs are being run by the SGVU-School of Engineering & Technology.


Our mission is to build an exceptional and enormous pool of talent by converting the School into a place where people are treated the best and where they can execute corporate relationship amongst each-other.


The main objective of any engineering college is to equip its students with the ability to accept challenges, as and when they come. This involves facing tough examinations, garnering hands-on experience on machines and equipments, and the capability to work for long hours, In this world of today, the field of Engineering has hit newer heights, as a result of which, the expectations and demands of our corporate have evolved too. Different companies from different time zones and cultures are establishing themselves in our country of diverse culture. Providing trained engineers now goes beyond meeting technical requirements alone. Each candidate has to have a unique blend of technical and ethical pre-requisites. Assuring stability and sustainability of manpower requires stringent training and intelligent transfer of skill set. The only way out of this catch 22 situation is to address the requirement to each corporate as unique and then devise a curriculum and a teaching mechanism that will not only cater to their requirements but will also help create an environment, conducive for the growth of the students, through holistic grooming.

The Gyan Vihar Challenge

Gyan Vihar School of Engineering Technology is committed to develop, distribute and deploy the most updated technology to equip the students with a skill set that will pave their way to glory.

The School has on offer, an exceptional and stringent training program for its students, to bring out the engineer in them through inspirational learning and teaching and exceptional facilities and services.

School of Engineering Technology intends to become a more culturally diverse and culturally competent community through recruitment at all levels, deepening trans-border and international educational partnerships, and involving students and faculties in international learning experiences. SGVU School of Engineering Technology will provide integrated learning experiences across educational contexts and will contribute to scholarly research on ethics, to develop intentionally, leadership traits in students. School of Engineering Technology.

Gyan Vihar will substantially increase its endowments, strengthen fiscal viability, and forge stronger relations with alumni and friends by developing a stronger and clearer institutional identity, both regionally and nationally.

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