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B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture

B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture


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B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture program provides a pre professional education in architecture within the broader context of liberal arts courses provided by the university. The broad-based knowledge and skills provided by a liberal arts education assures graduates that they can adapt to the complex demands of a rapidly changing profession and environment.

The pre professional degree is useful for those who want a foundation in the field of architecture as preparation for either continued education in a professional degree program or for employment options in architecturally related areas

The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies is an upper-level undergraduate program that uses architecture and related design practices as a lens through which to understand the history of ideas and cultural invention. In addition, it exposes students to the synthetic environment of the design studio, providing an introductory experience that some students may wish to pursue later in graduate education.

Eligibility & Requirement – 10+2 or equivalent

Duration- 4 years

Employment opportunities- Data Analyst, Architecture Designer, Architecture Engineer

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