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Dual Degree B.Sc. and Hospital and Healthcare Management

Dual Degree B.Sc. and Hospital and Healthcare Management

Dual Degree B.Sc. and Hospital and Healthcare Management

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Dual Degree B.Sc. and Hospital and Healthcare Management
4 years 50% in 12th On the basis of performance in the online
Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) Test of 2
hours duration and personal interview.

M Tech Geoinformatics

B.Sc + MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management in Jaipur is aimed at strengthening the functional skills of students in the core healthcare sector. Its primary objective is to instill an advanced understanding of multi-dimensional healthcare organizations, and operations of business administration and healthcare management. Hospital & Healthcare Management in Jaipur  has been designed specially targeting professionals in the fast-growing healthcare sector. The upsurge of participation of private players in healthcare industries has caused an increasing need for healthcare managers in modern-day hospital facilitation across the world. These healthcare professionals enable smooth management of hospitals, clinics, and health-based NGOs. Healthcare management focuses on the management of healthcare and hospital facilities with a curriculum designed keeping in mind the rapidly expanding healthcare sector. It prepares eligible candidates to deal with various kinds of management-related challenges in the sector. Health management aims to produce top-notch healthcare management professionals armed with advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of healthcare globally. It prepares eligible candidates with the requisite knowledge and skills essential for the management of healthcare organizations. Hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, and public healthcare establishments are the primary areas of employment for such postgraduates. The program is about adapting a synergistic blend of academic knowledge and practice in the healthcare field, and enabling eligible candidates to expertly identify practical problems and apply tested and approved managerial techniques to arrive at the most appropriate solutions.

Career Prospects

Hospital & Healthcare Management

Hospital & Health Care Management professionals are lucratively employed in the pharmaceutical sector, government agencies, insurance organizations, hospitals, and consulting firms. Qualified Healthcare Managers are required to respond to various critical management-based problems faced by hospitals and other agencies in the fast-evolving health sector. Upon successful completion of the course, postgraduates may find gainful employment in fields such as:

  • Marketing

  • IT

  • Human Resource Development

  • Medical colleges

  • Health Insurance

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Public Health departments

  • Rehabilitation centres

  • Universities and research institutes

  • Consulting firms, and such

They are hired in capacities such as Health Care Manager, Hospital Administrator, Pharmaceutical Project Manager, Health Care Finance Manager, etc. Major responsibilities of such professionals include planning, directing, and supervising day-to-day operations of a medical organization. Secondary responsibilities may include facilitating daily financial operations, budgets, and analysis.

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