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Ph. D

Ph. D

Ph. D

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Ph. D


3 Years (minimum) Note: The maximum duration is 6 years M. Tech/M. Sc. with 60% Following shall be the procedure for admission:

  • The applicant should fill application form for admission to Ph. D. Program online and submit with all the desired scanned documents together with fee in the prescribed manner.
  • The Ph.D. Entrance test shall be conducted twice in a year in the months of January and July on dates notified by the University.
  • The result of Ph.D. entrance test shall be declared on the University Website: www.gyanvihar.org
  • The date of fee deposition shall be informed to all qualified applicants of Ph.D. entrance test. The information shall also be available on the University website.
  • Applicants shall be admitted to Ph.D. program after deposition of fees and verification of original documents and recommended by the admission department with due approval of Dean (Research).
  • Reservation rule will be followed as per the govt of India guideline prevailing at the time of admission.
INR 60,000 (Per Semester) and total Rs 2, 50,000/-

PhD in Renewable and Sustainable energy

Research activities of the Center of Excellence- RSES focus on “New & Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency in Jaipur”. We are internationally recognized for our research activities in the selected areas of research. The interdisciplinary oriented approach underlines the research programs that provides the most challenging and a wide range of research opportunities:

  • Solar Thermal Power & Systems
  • Solar PV and SPV/T System
  • Solar powered air-conditioning
  • Energy Modeling and Planning
  • Thermal Storage
  • Green Building & Solar Passive Architecture
  • Solar Hydrogen generation and Fuel Cell
  • Wind Energy Technologies and Systems
  • Bio-Mass Energy Conversion and Waste to Energy
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Heat Pumps

Job Prospects:

PhD in Renewable and Sustainable energy

  • Companies involved in design, manufacturing and commissioning of Solar Power, Wind Power, Power Plants, Energy Auditors, Energy planner, Green Building Simulators, Operation, Maintenance & Utility Engineers, Energy Efficient Equipment Manufacturers, Energy Cell of Industries, Research & Development, Academic Institutions in India and abroad etc.
  • Research in Renewable Energy in India and Abroad.

Program Structure

PhD in Renewable and Sustainable energy

Semester 1

Ph. D Course work (3 subjects of 4 credits each)

  • Research Methodology and Computer Application
  • Specialization Subject
  • Literature Review in the Domain Research

Semester 2

  • DRC
  • Specific Research work continuation

Semester 3

  • Research work conduction

Note: the research may continue up to 11 semesters as per progress of the research candidate.

Semester 4

  • RDC
  • Pre PhD DRC
  • Submission of Thesis
  • Viva-voce Examination


The typical percentage of time spent in different learning activities for this program based on student choices. This information is collated from the previous year and will not be available if the program is new.

Year 1 (Semester I)


Lectures, Seminars
Independent Studies

Literature Review

Literature Review in Domain Research:


Typically how work is assessed for this program based on student choices. This information is collated from the previous year and will not be available if the program is new.
Note: The maximum duration is 6 years

Year 2-6

Research work

Evaluation of Thesis:-

  • The University shall, after obtaining the consent of the examiners appointed by the President out of the panel submitted by the supervisor, dispatch a copy of the thesis produced and submitted by the candidate to each one of them to send their evaluation report (in the triplets) to the Dean Research within a period of two months of the receipt of the thesis.
  • If no consent is received from the examiner within a month, a new examiner shall be appointed by the President out of the panel.
  • The examiner shall be required to send his/her report on the prescribed form clearly stating that the:
  • Thesis is recommended for the awarded for the degree of the Ph.D. or
  • Thesis is recommended for the awarded for the degree of the Ph.D. subjected to the candidate giving satisfactory answers to queries or
  • Candidate be required to submit his thesis in the revised form or
  • Thesis is rejected.
  • The Research Board shall
  • Accept the recommendation of the examiners if all the three examiners recommend the acceptance of the thesis
  • Reject the thesis if two of the three examiners recommends rejection of the thesis
  • appoint a fourth examiner for evaluation if one of the three examiners recommends rejection of the thesis
  • Require the student on the basis of the report(s) of the examiner(s) to revise within one year the thesis if one/two out of the three examiners recommend(s) revision, such revised version of the thesis being again sent for the recommendation to the same examiner(s) who recommended its revision
  • Appoint a new examiner from out of the same panel if an examiner fails, despite two reminders from the University, to submit his report before the expiry of four months or withdraws his consent at any stage of evaluation process from the date of dispatch of the thesis.

Viva Voce Examination:-

  • The President shall, on receipt of satisfactory evaluation reports from the examiners, appoint
  • An external examiner from out of the two external examiners who evaluated the thesis for conducting the viva-voce examination. However, if both the examiners are not available, the President may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, appoint a new examiner from out of the existing panel; and
  • A viva-voce Committee consisting of the supervisor and external examiner.
  • The supervisor shall fix a suitable date for the viva-voce examination with the external examiner. The Dean Research shall, on the request of the Supervisor, notify the day, time, and place at least ten days in advance to all concerned.
  • The Dean Research shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the viva-voce examination.
  • At such viva-voce examination the candidate shall be required to openly defend his research work in presence of both the examiners, teachers, research candidates of the University who may be invited to witness and make queries, if any, strictly relating and relevant to the topic of research. The Research Department shall obtain signature of all the officers present at the time of viva-voce examination.
  • The viva-voce examiners shall, at the very outset of the examination, will be informed about the comments and recommendations made by the examiners.
  • The Viva-Voce committee shall submit a comprehensive report on the performance of the candidate on the viva-voce examination and recommend that:
  • the degree of Ph.D. be awarded; or
  • the candidate be re-examined at a second viva-voce to be conducted not before three months but not later than six months; or
  • The degree not be awarded and the thesis be rejected.
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