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Centre for Climate Change and Water Research (C3WR)

Centre for Climate Change and Water Research (C3WR)

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Centre for Climate Change and Water Research (C3WR)



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Centre for Climate Change and Water Research(C3WR)

We are dedicated to provide a better understanding of critical, scientific and social issues related to climate change and sustainable development goals through guided research. We are engaged in various research activities ranging from understanding of atmospheric phenomena, climate simulation models, paleoclimate reconstruction, linkage between climate and river basin dynamics. Further, concentrating on flood hazards, impact on climate on hydrologic cycle and water resources and economic impact of climate change.

The major objective of setting up this Centre for Climate Change and Water (C3WR) research is to initiate a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the dominating functions of climate change and respond of the earth’s terrestrial system and then to develop India-centric strategies for




Mohd. S. Ul Hasan, Suraj Kumar Singh and Sudhanshu. 2018. Estimation of Surface runoff using geospatial model: A case study of Gandheshwari watershed, Bankura (West Bengal). Environment & We: An international Journal of Science & Technology, 13 (1), 9-27 (ISSN: 0975-7112).


Sanjay Kumar, Shruti Kanga, Suraj Kumar Singh, R. S Mahendra, 2018. Delineation of Shoreline change along Chilika Lagoon (Odisha), East Coast of India using Geospatial technique. International Journal of African and Asian Studies, 41, 9-22, (ISSN 2409-6938).


Pratyush, Rohit Raman, Aritra Bandopadhyay, Suraj Kumar Singh. 2018. Urban Growth Modeling Using Logistic Regression and Geo-informatics: A Case of Jaipur, India. Environment & We: An international Journal of Science & Technology, 13 (1), 47-62, (ISSN: 0975-7112).

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One of the fastest emerging centers of excellence in research and academics across the globe, Suresh Gyan Vihar University has been pushing the bar higher for others since some time now.


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The Centre helps the students in exploring the opportunities in industries and corporate sectors by collaborating with the institutions, industries and companies. Students are continuously career counseled through programs like personal tutors, seminars and employability skills. All the M.Sc.& M.Tech (Geo-informatics) students have got placed in leading companies dealing in Geospatial-Technology, Satellite Communication, Networking, Information Technology & Aerial Survey and UAV Applications.

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