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Jaipur the Pink City

Jaipur, a city full of culture and heritage has evolved as a metro city attracting the youth from all over the country. In the last two decades the city has emerged as a beautiful

Annual Calendars

Our Calendar is a profound tool different than just a system to mark off the passage of time. Daily updates here lead to overall development that enables us to frame our thoughts

Facilities & Services

Every effort has been made at the Suresh Gyan Vihar University to provide the best facilities for students who live on Campus. Every student has access to a wide range of activities

In-Campus Hostels

The University campus has separate well equipped hostel facilities for more than 1000 boys and girls. The administration of six in campus hostels is taken care off by..

Sports & Activities

To complete with the cutting edge the students should be full of team spirit, target achievement, motovation & sportsmanship.

Community forums

These clubs have been formed as a part of a program to encourage the students and give them an opportunity to participate in various cultural and community development

Internet Connectivity

It is truly said by one of the Visionary that in 21 st century is the age of information only three things are needed Bread, Clothes and Bandwidth.