VOL 7, Issue 1, 2021

1 Pre- and Post-Monsoon Variation in Physico-Chemical Characteristics in Groundwater
Quality of Amer Tehsil In Jaipur, Rajasthan
Himmat Kanwar, Umesh Saxena, and Mohammad Irfan Ali
2 Sources and biological activity of Coumarins: An Appraisal
M. Paramjeet K., Bhasin Sheetal, Dubey Arti, Nagar Hariom and Sharma Dipak
3 Analytical and Kinetic Investigation of Azo dye Arsenazo(III) as Copper(II) Derivative
by Using Spectroscopic Methods
Rupali Shrivastava, Meenakshi Meena and Hariom Nagar
4 Plant-Parasitic Nematodes and Their Management
Rinkee Indoulia, Mohammad Irfan Ali, Rajesh Kr. Yadav,
5 Pharmacological Potential of Curcuma Caesia
Nalini Tomer, Sarmad Moin
6 Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Drinking Water At Various Sites of Kota, Rajasthan
R K Chouhan, A K Bansal and R C Chhipa
7 The Impact of extremophilic Enzyme: Widely Application in Industrial uses
Lekha Singh1,2, Gaurav Sharma, Gyanendra Awasthi, Lokendra Kumar