RCHS Co-creative Framework to Implement Technology for Authoring and Publishing

pp.33-41  Dr. Paresh Shah, FCMA.,Ph.D.,Alumnus of IIM,Ahmedabad Accredited Management Teacher and Researcher Abstract: Books and other printed materials (BPM) like journals, research papers, etc., is significant activity in any civilized society; as a source of preservation and dissemination of knowledge. The innovations of new technologies have changed the ways and means of BPM. HEA and

UWB Antenna-Dual Band Notching Characteristics

pp.49-51 Dinesh Sethi, Scholar, Dept. of ECE,SGVU, Jaipur Ripu Ranjan Sinha,Dept. of R & D,SGVU, Jaipur R. K. Khanna,Dept. of R & D,VGU, Jaipur Abstract—this paper deals with a slot loaded CPW -fed ultrawideband (UWB) printed monopole antenna (PMA) with dual band-notching at W-LAN and X-Band.The antenna is fabricated on an FR-4 epoxy substrate with

Influence of Discharge of River Daya in Chilika Lagoon: A Brief Study using Mohid Simulation Model

pp .10-21 Subham Mukherjee I. Introduction Chilika, the largest brackish water lagoon of Orissa, is the hotspot of biodiversity and a Ramsar site. It’s highly productive lagoon ecosystem supports the livelihood of more than 0.2 million local communities (Panigrahi, 1998). With the passage of time due to ecological and anthropogenic pressure the lagoon ecosystem had