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i-Tech Community

  • The mission of i-Tech Community is to improve and enrich Technical Knowledge of students through various training program and workshop of latest technology to fulfill the future requirements of industry.

    To meet the needs of the students I tech focuses on providing support, resources, community outreach and partnerships; programs in basic skills development.
  • To help Diverse Learning Needs in the field of technology.
  • STo provide students with opportunities to develop and upgrade essential skills by creative ideas.
  • To do Community Services and provide a unique platform to the students to develop team spirit and provide technical solutions to the IT community.
  • Its vision is to see every Student Succeed in the field of technology.
  • Students will get the following benefits
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Activities
  • The social benefits is to develop technically sound workforce to support economic growth of the country and also to develop entrepreneurship skills among the members through educational partnerships with several Government organizations.

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