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International School Of Business Management In India

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International School Of Business Management In India

International School Of Business Management In India

Have you ever wondered why Business Management is one of the most popular courses in India among all and outperforms all other subject areas and disciplines? But the question being: What are the benefits of studying business management?  Why is it that this one subject area attracts such enormous attention from candidates of all ages worldwide?

Roughly defined, business management refers to the activities and responsibilities associated with running an organisation, which may include planning, implementation, controlling, monitoring, organising, optimising, delegating and so on.  Far from taking control of all such duties single-handedly, business managers play a key role at the heart of a wider business management team.

No organisation can succeed without strong and consistent management.  Roles and responsibilities differ significantly from one manager to the next, though their overriding purpose remains the same – to build and maintain a successful and prosperous business.

In terms of studying business management, candidates typically select courses that have the greatest potential to assist them with their career progression.  In this instance, the benefits of studying business management are uniquely wide-reaching and applicable to a variety of prospective careers.

About Gyan Vihar University’s Programme: 

The mission of ISBM is to transform students into world-class corporate Managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and extremely loyal citizens.

We believe in developing our students to such a level that they can face severe competition in all the industries. The focus of ISBM is on the overall development of every student, hence other than academic curriculum, the institute gives special emphasis on interpersonal skills (employability skills) development. This is achieved by using a model of teaching, in which every student participates in all the management study activities. Our students also take part in outdoor management games to test and learn managerial skills in the open field and develop team spirit.


  • A Good Introduction to the Realities of Business

Quality business management study programs provide candidates with a helpful overview of the realities of business.  Particularly useful for those with no prior experience, business studies provide the kinds of industry insights that can be invaluable.  Success in business management is built upon a strong foundation of education and understanding of how successful businesses are run.

  • Become a More Effective Team Player

The most successful business managers are those who fully understand the value and importance of teamwork.  Contrary to popular belief, business management isn’t solely about providing direction as a ‘superior’ member of the workforce.  Instead, it’s about doing whatever is necessary – even if it means getting your own hands dirty – to get the job done and optimise the organisation’s performance.  If you cannot function as an effective team player, you cannot and will not succeed in management.

  • Learn How to Effectively Manage People

Of course, delegation and supervision represent two of the most important business management duties of all.  People management doesn’t always come as naturally to some prospective candidates as they expect. When you study business management, you learn how to gauge your expectations accordingly, build strong relationships with those you oversee, earn the respect of every member of the workforce and generally boost both morale and productivity.

With Gyan Vihar University, your successful career begins here: 

MBA (Business Analytics) in Collaboration with IBM

As per executive Chairman of Google, from starting of civilisation to 2003, 05

Exabytes of data were created. Currently, the same amount of data is created every two

years. Companies are confused as to how to use this data for business purposes.

MBA (Bus. Analytics) holders are the data scientists who analyse these data and give

solutions to business problems. IBM is the leader in advanced technology and data

analysis, hence SGVU has collaborated with IBM.

MBA (Marketing with Specialisation in Digital Marketing) in Collaboration with Google 

Large quantities of data are being generated every second. Companies are confused

as to how to make use of these data, hence no more marketing through Hoardings,

Banners, Pamphlets etc. Major Marketing activities are shifting towards social

media like Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc. Management graduates

need to gain expertise in digital marketing, Hence SGVU has launched an MBA

(Marketing) programme with super specialisation in Digital Marketing in collaboration with Google.

As technological changes are fast, we at ISBM always ensure that we adapt to changes almost with changes. The faculty members of ISBM are highly experienced, well qualified and very enthusiastic. The institute also has national-level corporate trainers. International School of Business Management is a highly research-oriented Business School. 



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