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The Suresh Gyan Vihar University abides the notion of education pioneer since the year 1936 A.D in Rajasthan, the top class existence that encourages the students and faculty members to strive towards the expansion of teaching and learning skills. Positioned in the world famous Pink City area of Mahal road, Jagatpura. It has been unified and combined subsequently ranked among the topmost Universities of the country.

When it comes to excellence we inherit a culture of providing a high level of excellence and programs that develop careers of the students at national and international levels. Our close-knit consolidated approach has facilitated our goal for providing the best infrastructural dexterity to motivates every person on campus. The University has established and conceived the perfect and viable base for a framework to house different schools, laboratories, the center of excellence and administration. Stationed on the outskirts of Jaipur, the University spread across 108 acres of the area and three different campuses particularly.

Jagatpura Campus

One of the best infrastructures that subsist an enormous world-class library in Rajasthan alone, also comprising the exceptional agricultural research center that resides hydroponics farm, poly-house, and fisheries in the country. The Suresh Gyan Vihar University has engrained a conventional Google’s Learning center of excellence, Bosch’s automation solutions research laboratory and also Amazon’s center of cloud computing that eventually takes its league ahead of any other research institute in India.

North Campus

The cutting edge well proposed and planned with great detail, campus dwells the Gyan Vihar Hospital and Medical College. Initially connecting Gyan Vihar’s research aspiration and pretension of the industrial tie-ups. All together we cynosure on finding easy and effective solutions towards erasing all the health problems of the country.

Sambhar Research Campus

A well-constructed structure on the banks of the prevalent Salt Lake of Rajasthan, the research center is one of the unique of its kind. This research center predominantly focuses on Climate Change study and Renewable energy solutions.


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