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In a world afflicted by inequity, abandoned of hope and devoid of a sense of justice, Suresh Gyanvihar University is striving to create platforms, build bridges and forge crucibles for the underprivileged. What others deem impracticable, terming the economics of it onerous and the effort inefficient, is very essential to the moral philosophy of Suresh Gyanvihar University. To say that we have obligations to the society and to term it a deontological endeavour would still not be enough to describe the passion and zeal for education that illuminates our hearts here at Suresh Gyanvihar University. A dream drives us, the dream to take education to every doorstep, the dream to play a part in transforming India, the dream to nurture individuals into mindful and thoughtful adults; irrespective of their ability to bear the cost of this education.

Here we are, taking a small human step in the direction of this dream we harbor. We announce scholarships worth Rs 10 Crore for the upcoming session. (2017-18) Considering the financial limitations, we have decided to award scholarships on the basis of merit. The entire cost of education for all selected students will entirely be borne by the University. Selected students will thus have no monetary obligation towards the University.

Meritorious students are selected each year based on their academic performances.

Freeships to the underprivileged

Applicants who are underprivileged and financially weak will also be awarded freeship. The selected applicants will not have to bear either the academic cost of the program or the accommodation fees. The students are selected on recommendations from various organisations such as Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Central Tibetan Administration and others who are associated with our organisation.

Leaders of tomorrow

We want to build an atmosphere where individuals with multifarious inclinations, affinities and talents are identified, groomed and nurtured to truly become the Leaders of Tomorrow. We along with partners from media and from India Inc. will be holding competitions, talent hunts, scouting campaigns and talent exhibits to make sure that those with the gift for the spectacular don’t miss out on a sound and the holistic approach to higher education.

Gyan Vihar is situated on sprawling campus of 130 acres in the historic city Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan one of the most popular tourist destination of the world, Known as PINK CITY.


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