Hyphen - Books Community

Hyphen - Books Community

To serve as a vehicle for developing the learning among the students by way of discussions and sharing of knowledge. The students will be advised to make panels for discussion on the various books & journals and then the same can be shared with all in the form of seminars as panel discussions.


• Monthly panel discussion among students in the form of a seminar.
• Forming book bank for Needy students.
• Establishing Departmental libraries.
• Calling a Guest speaker for giving expert opinions/advices once in a month.
• Conducting book reviews.

Student benefit

• Students command over the language will increase.
• Students will come across the latest books.
• Knowledge level of the students will increase.
• The needy students will be able to get the books through book bank.
• Improving communication skills.

Society benefit

• Developing a competitive spirit among the students.
• To ensure a fitness regime for all students.