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Explore Jaipur

Explore Jaipur


Jaipur, world famous by the name of the pink city and has a definite and recognizable place in amidst of many popular and most visited places in India because of the aristocratic and dignified culture that cannot be separated from its identity. The city of Jaipur consists of many major tourist places that are memorable places such as Amber Fort and Nahargarh Fort among the central tourist attraction.

One of the most spectacular and exemplary example of architecture is known as Hawa Mahal translated in English as “Palace of Wind”. It carries the most sophisticated designs of Indian architecture eventually making it picture perfect in every aspect. When it comes to enlisting the most visited places of Jaipur, Jal Mahal, Albert Hall Museum are the most distinguished spots flocked by the tourists. Jaipur as a city holds its position as a symbol of royalty in India and the world.

Jaipur is situated between several beautiful cities around; namely Udaipur – The city of Lakes, Pushkar – A town bordering the Thar desert, Jaisalmer – The Golden City.


Positioned in the middle of one of the oldest mountain ranges known as Aravalli Hills. Amber Fort is a place that one cannot miss when visiting Jaipur city. The bedrock of its infrastructure was laid by Rajput King Raja Man Singh-I and further, the structure was completed by renowned King Raja Jai Singh. Amber Fort has its own spell bounding beauty that arises from the combination of white marble and red sandstone adds on to its glorious structure.

One of the most robust and imposing walls effectively protected its inhabitants from enemy forces, the central compound of the fortress comprised of all the luxuries with all conveniences. The breathtaking backdrop that has the spectacular views of Maota Lake from dawn and dusk commits to the eternal beauty of the Amber Fort in particular. Wall paintings made from beautiful brushwork and indifferent use of gems

stone in the paintings increases the timeless beauty of the palace. A special attraction for tourists is the Palace of Mirrors known as “Sheesh Mahal” is the most fascinating and mesmerizing halls within Amber Palace. The palace has been embellished with plentiful mirror tiles, as the architecture specifically illuminates the entire hall by the sunlight entering the palace.


The outstanding Albert Hall is positioned in the city of Jaipur located near the Ram Niwas Garden outside the city walls. One of the earliest museum of the state of the Rajasthan. It is an exemplary example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, also known as the Government Central Museum.

The bedrock of the foundation was laid in the year 1876A.D in order to remember the visit of the Prince of Wales. Proceeding towards the years 1880 A.D Maraja Sawai Madho Singh-II opened the Albert Hall as a museum in the building. The museum of Albert Hall consists of a rich and wealthy collection of artifacts that particularly comprised of paintings, carpets, ivory work, metal sculptures and crystal work with intricate details. Most famous of them all is the coin collection from the different time periods of Gupta, Kushan, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal and British periods. An Egyptian mummy is also the center of attraction of this museum.

During the initial stage, Albert Hall Museum had displayed the outstandingly rare products of local artists and craftsman. With enriched history and culture its collection grew further and has increased to a great extent, that has promoted this museum to the international level.

Markets of Jaipur

The most colorful, versatile and traditional local markets of Jaipur are the largest hub for the tourists in order to sense the real culture of Rajasthan. Illustrating the customs of Pink city and its remarkable past, such markets are centuries old and have many stories to tell. One can experience the historic vibes by talking a walk through these magnificent markets.

Johri Bazar

It is the most famous markets of the Pink city. When it comes to the meaning of the word “Johri” then it translates as a jeweler. As it has the most vibrant tone as the jewelry market. Most famously it carries the multitude of choices for the shopping lovers. The most considerable amount items found in the market is just the representation rich culture of Rajasthan. A person cannot remain unaffected by the enticing beauty of this marketplace.
Situated in the walled city of Jaipur from north and south. The Johri bazaar is eventually one of the best shopping areas for buying gems and jewelry at a whole sale price.

Bapu Bazaar

This market is situated in the center of Jaipur city and is most famous for its indifferent vibes and liveliness. On the other hand, this cocktail of such indifferent products itself makes it a memorable shopping destination.
The distinctiveness of products that are present in the market captivates a large number of shoppers. Traditional Rajasthani products have a large number of range from textile, perfumes, and leather. The main product of this market is Mojari footwear. The market also comprises the ultimate unique patterns of embroidery that are preferred. As this kind of footwear is unique to the state of Rajasthan. Mojari footwears are constructed by camel skin particularly along with an economical price.
Marble and sandstone handmade products are also famous as handicrafts available at Bapu Bazaar displaying the true colors of the rich traditional arts.

Bapu Bazaar is the best place to walk and shop in between pink old buildings in between the people experiencing the culture of Jaipur, the popular market place draws thousands of tourists every day.


Demonstrating the real culture and tradition of royal Rajasthan, Chokhi Dhani is the most beloved, attractive and most visited places of Jaipur. Basically, it is a village resort ethnic in nature that exhibits all of the traditional entertainments including music, food and dance along with specialized accommodations of royal nature. The best place for experiencing the lively spirit of traditions of Pink city. Chokhi Dhani truly showcases the royal lifestyle of Rajput Kings.

As an individual or group, people can stay there in a village resort and can explore the location by themselves, as the main celebration starts in the astonishing atmosphere. Food is amazingly great but also what is the most spell bounding thing is magic shows, Rajasthani dance and folk music and fortune tellers. This interesting and indifferent experience will definitely keep give you a different vibe and adventure that includes a camel ride and horse ride.

It is the reflection of true royal Rajasthani culture, the resort covers an area of 10 acres and has the most beautifully designed native architecture. People experience here the hospitality of royal nature that was specifically meant for the kings.


The city of Lord Bhramha also known as the town of festivities. It is one of the oldest cities of India, situated in the northwest of Ajmer, quiet and peaceful city of Pushkar is the most preferred place that tourists and devotees want to visit in Rajasthan. Geographically located at a height of 510 meters, the town is situated in a valley surrounded by the ascent of small hills on three sides. The hill by the name of Sanke mountain forms a natural boundary in between Pushkar and Ajmer. The world famous export of rose essence in huge quantity gave it the name of the rose garden of Rajasthan. A mythological city also bears the inheritance of ageless heritage of classical architecture that further makes this charming and captivating city.

According to the folklore of Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma is known to be as the architect and maker of the Universe lead to the creation of the famous lake by the lotus that he dropped on the ground. Then on he denominated the title “Pushkar” of this beautiful town, the only temple that is dedicated to the Lord Bhrama in the whole world exclusively. In order to obtain complete salvation, Hindus consider a journey to Pushkar essential.

It is the reflection of true royal Rajasthani culture, the resort covers an area of 10 acres and has the most beautifully designed native architecture. People experience here the hospitality of royal nature that was specifically meant for the kings.

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