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Category: C3WR

One day workshop and hands on training on SuperMap GIS on 14th February2019:

In this workshop two representative executives from SuperMap GIS, International Department, China. George Wang, Regional Business Manager and Nicole Chen, Channel Manager of International Department delivered a lecture on “The Overview of SuperMap GIS Software and its Application” and hands on training. Training session included exercises such as how to create 2D vector data into 3D scene, Oblique Photogrammetry scene into 3D image and modelling and analyst.


One day workshop on SPSS Software was organized on 10th February 2018 in association with SPSS, New Delhi:

The main objective of the workshop was to make researchers aware about statistical tools and techniques that are useful in research and academics by using statistical packages like SPSS, Minitab and R. In addition, it helped in improving the data analysis skills and better interpretation of results.


5th Annual International Conference on “Challenges & Solution for a Sustainable Environment” was organized on 9th-11th February 2018:

The 5th Annual International Convention SGVU-C3W was held from 9th-11th February 2018. The aim was to disseminate & impart knowledge by providing instructional, research & extension facilities in such branches of earning as it may deem fit and it shall endeavor to provide academicians an industrial pool for the necessary atmosphere and facilities for the promotion of climate & water crisis importance and need among the youth. C3W 2018 involved academicians (Researchers, Students & Faculties), industrial leaders and general public in climate change & water crisis work to give the exposures to this pool of public issues which are faced by nation nowadays. C3W 2018 created awareness on social as well as developmental issues among the community.


One day workshop on “#Social Surfing” in collaboration with Centre for Social Research (CSR), New Delhi on 19th February 2018

#Social Surfing primarily discusses the online safety mechanisms that are devised to control the information shared by the users in the virtual spaces. Information and solutions to concerns like trolling, cyber bullying, harassment, fake news etc. will be shared with the students who constitute the major force of social media users today.


The Centre has organized one-day seminar on “Advance Geospatial Technologies & its Applications” on 15th November 2017 in collaboration with Environmental Systems Research Institute, ESRI (California), GPS Garmin and Zero-gravity Aero sports. 150 students participated, where hands on training was demonstrated on various instruments like DGPS, drones etc. Mr. Jitendra Dixit from ASIM Industries demonstrated the errors & rectification methods adopted while acquisitioning of the positions. Mr. Shubham Agnihotri from Zero Gravity demonstrated the process to acquire aerial photographs from drones. Thereafter, the images collected were ortho-rectified in the laboratory to create the 3D images of Suresh Gyan Vihar University.


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