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Board Of Management

Board Of Management

Board Of Management

Members Of BOM

The Board of Management is the principal executive body of the University. It consists of honorary eminent personalities from various walks of life. The following are the members of BOM: The Chancellor, the Vice chancellor, Five persons nominated by the sponsoring Body out of which two are eminent educationists, one expert of management or IT from outside the university, One expert of finance, Commissioner College Education or his nominee not below the rank of Deputy Secretary & two teachers, nominated by the President.

Powers Of BOM

All the powers of taking major decisions lie in the hand of the Board that includes the following:

  • To provide general superintendence and directions and to control the functioning of the University.
  • To review the decision of other authorities of the university, to approve the budget and annual report of the university.
  • To lay down policies to be followed by the university.
  • All such other powers as prescribed by the Statutes.
S.No. Name Of Member Designation / Category of Membership
1 Shri Sunil Sharma Hon’ble Chancellor (Chairperson)
2 Dr. Sudhanshu Hon’ble Chief Mentor, SGVU
(Sponsoring Body Nominee)
3. Dr. Dhram Buddhi Hon’ble President, SGVU
4 Dr. Upender Pandel Prof. in Engg. MNIT, Jaipur
(Sponsoring Body Nominee)
5 Dr. Rajesh Sharma Scientist ‘G’
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology Dehradun [UK] (Sponsoring Body Nominee)
6 Shri Madhav Mitra Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur
(Sponsoring Body Nominee) – Eminent Educationist
7 Shri Kanishk Sharma Director, SGVU Jaipur
(Sponsoring Body Nominee) – Eminent Educationist
8 Shri Vishnu V. Patel One expert of Management/Information Technology from outside the University
(Nominated by Hon’ble Chairperson)
9 Shri Mahendra Gargieya One Expert of Finance
(Nominated by Hon’ble Chairperson)
10 Dr. T.K. Jain Dean, ISBM, SGVU
(Teacher nominated by Hon’ble President)
11 Dr. (Ms.) Ritu Gilhotra Dean, Research and Principal Pharmacy, SGVU
(Teacher nominated by Hon’ble President)
12 Shri Pradeep Kumar Borad Commissioner,
College Education or his Nominee
(Statutory Nominee) Member
Not below the rank of Dy. Secretary to the Govt.
13 Shri Madhusudan Sharma IAS (R) Registrar, SGVU
Member Secretary
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