AXIOM - Creative Cooking Community

AXIOM - Creative Cooking Community

A forum completely dedicated to the BHMCT students to think out of box and look for newer recipes, technologies and active involvement among all university students. The purpose is to develop newer methods by way of interaction among the students & the community and to find out new ways of doing things. At the same time engineering students will try to develop new instruments and MBA students will develop the marketing plan, thus benefiting all.

The students at the same time will visit Middle & Low class Restaurants & Hotels and Roadside Dhabas to share the learning which will take them close to the masses and at the same time will help small business to adopt changes with the time.


• Annual cooking competition among University students.
• Calling experts every month for delivering talks on new developments.
• Going to the community for learning and calling for competition with media interaction.
• Monthly visit to Middle & Low class Restaurants & Hotels and Roadside Dhabas.
• Doing research for World Record and Making one or two world records in food products every year.
• Campaigning for a social cause "BE VEG"
• Organizing an international level food festival every year.
• Operating own bakery shop in the campus.
• Doing research in the area of vegetarian food.

Student benefit

• With the introduction of the competition the students are going to be more goal oriented and this will help in developing a winning attitude.
• Helping the students in getting well versed with the current taste & trends in Hotel industry.
• With the objective of visiting the Restaurants/Hotels/Dhabas, the students are going to get hands- on experience and at the same time they will be able to show their valuable talent in terms of real application.
• May develop new recipes and cooking techniques.

Society benefit

• Sharing the traditional recipes with the students & public and thus influencing more in the social sector.
• Innovation of new cooking techniques.
• Helping the restaurants for increasing their business.