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An Ultimate Guide: Engineering Career after 12th (With Gyan Vihar)

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An Ultimate Guide: Engineering Career after 12th (With Gyan Vihar)

An Ultimate Guide: Engineering Career after 12th (With Gyan Vihar)

How many times have you knocked yourself out under the pressure of pursuing a degree trying to resolve what to do in the near future after 12th? And did you under this pressure typed the same asking Google for advice. Every student has their own phase of ‘Now What?’ after their boards. Once you are out there you need to choose a field for yourself that only just gives you a degree in hand but provides you a meaningful certified career.

Believe it or not but the Indian education system can be pretty intimidating. In the rat race of trying to excel the crowd and being the odd one out, one needs to have the correct information regarding every course and the perks it’s bringing with itself. With different associations providing you different courses one gets confused with what to opt for.

Engineering course is one of the most studied courses in our country and Gyan Vihar is determined on the path to revolutionise engineering education in India and deliver highly prestigious programs in advanced engineering disciplines. These programs would be based on project-based learning and industry connect. All students would get industrial mentors from an industrial background. With this Gyan Vihar is taking the first steps towards transforming engineering education in India.

So if you are actually opting for this course, why not opt for the best one backed-up by the biggest industrial giants?
If you have a strong background in academics and is also interested in a successful engineering degree for your career then Gyan Vihars’ unique courses collaborated with various industrial giants like – IBM, Google, BSE are the best option that you can choose.

At Gyan Vihar, its exclusive educational courses help you prepare for your future with the best academic results. Gyan Vihar contributes in your journey to become a successful career path by offering you engineering studies that make great career options after 12th:

B.TECH certified by ‘BOSCH’
(Mechanical Engineering)

BOSCH has collaborated with Gyan Vihar to make the most out of their brilliant expertise in industrial operations that offer this program for the transformation of each and every engineering aspirants. This program will have a training program embedded during the regular program, whereby the students would get mentoring and hands-on experience in the corporates regarding the field of mechanical engineering.

B.TECH certified by ‘IBM’
(Computer Science and Engineering)

IBM and Gyan Vihar have taken a new turn in curriculum design with a focus on project-based learning and Industry interaction that engineering grades to an expert level. Industry interaction and community participation are inculcated right from the first semester. Students are involved in unique projects and receive regular feedback from their industrial mentors. The students would have enough professional skills to lead on every front.

B.TECH certified by ‘Google’
(Computer Science and Engineering in Android Technology)

In an effort to prepare students for a new era of the digital world, Gyan Vihar has launched cutting-edge engineering programs in collaboration with Google. The flexible approach enabled by Google will empower students for the challenges of the rapidly advancing world. The aim of this partnership is to create a community of independent thinkers by fostering collaborative learning and innovative techniques.

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