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About School Link

Recent studies across the world show that the best schools are delving in much more evolved practices than what has been the convention for ages. Adolescent students, which arguably are the most important resource for any developing society, are being provided a platform for holistic development. In short, these schools organize extensive extra-curricular activities, career guidance talks and workshops, structured mentorship programs, leadership training and work towards creating a scientific temperament among students in their quest to create leaders, thinkers and administrators of the future.

Most of the schools, though have begun to take small steps in this direction, still need a radical push to make up for the lost time and to reach to the level where they are in a position to set standards for others to follow and emulate. Here is where we come in. At Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur our actions are fueled by a desire to serve education in the best way possible and what could be better than grooming adolescents and helping the schools. With a missionary zeal and unbridled passion we have devised a program to help schools emerge as the best schools across the country and make their presence felt at a global level.

As a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative we are planning to launch a program called “School Link”. We propose to step in as the facilitators and link these skill development activities to your school where the students will be able to benefit from our expertise in each of these domains. We feel that the relationship between students and teachers can’t be limited to school premises and we being a member of the same fraternity are of the view that it’s our duty to play our part in building a stronger nation. We propose to do that by sharing with you the responsibility to mold the future of our young children. We envision a program where the “most precious assets”(students) will be able to get a glimpse of their future and at the same time an opportunity to better their prospects through “School Link”. Our goal is to create rational, pragmatic, freethinking and scientific minds that have an eye for futuristic developments.

In The Same Vein These Are Some Of The Activities That We Propose To Conduct:

  1. Robotics Workshop: A three-day training workshop in robotics for the ones with a technical bent of mind.
  2. Aerodynamics Workshop: an amazing experience of aerodynamics with experts, all in a single action packed session.
  3. Leadership Training: A one day leadership camp designed to bring out the best in the students and make them more extrovert a better team worker and an innovative leader.
  4. Seminar on Time Management: An enriching seminar, which will help the students, get the best out of their time.
  5. Entrepreneurial Skills Session: The session will introduce the students to the world of entrepreneurship.
  6. A Corporate Experience: Talks, Discussions and interviews with the luminaries of corporate world.
  7. Hospitality & Culinary Management Workshop : In this workshop participants will learn about the hospitality industry and the required fundamental skills for success in the hospitality and culinary industries. How to start your own business of hotel chain, a local café, or a restaurant.
  8. Sports Meet/Soccer League: A state level initiative where the students will get coaching and practice session under the supervision of the best in game and will be playing at state-of- the art stadium.
  9. Technical Fests: Guided by international experts, the students will be able to showcase their talents in international fests.
  10. Climatic Quizzes: To create awareness on the impact of climate change.
  11.  Faculty Training and exchange program: Our training program will motivate and empower the faculty members and will enable them to perform better.

If your school takes the initiative and is found to be fulfilling our criteria, your school could be one availing this unique golden opportunity. There is no registration fee or other charge. This is not a commercial offering and it is primarily for developing your institution and your students.

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