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School of Applied & Bio-Sciences

B.Sc Fire and Safety


Fire Safety has become important and integral part of our daily life. The growing number of accidents led the Government to enact and implement various Acts and Rules keeping the safety of workers & Jobbers as First and foremost objective. Government is strictly implementing rules leading to workers safety in establishment. Thus as per safety is recruited compulsorily. This has opened new vistas for trained manpower requirement in the field of Fire & Industrial Safety Management. Now a days, the global demand is more as compared to available tainted manpower, large number of career opportunities in the field of safety are available in India and aboard. After attaining B.Sc in Fire Safety and Hazard Management a fresher can also expect very handsome salary.


This degree course is concerned with the study of fire, its development and prevention and the means by which its consequences may be reduced to a minimum in human, environmental and financial terms. The objectives of the program are:
•To provide a programme of study to prepare graduates for a professional career in fire safety with an emphasis in the management and operation of organisations to achieve fire safety solutions.
•To develop expertise in the application of management principles as they relate to fire safety to ensure safe working practises and environments.
•To produce graduates with the ability to command and manage fire safety operations.
•To provide the underpinning Science and Technology knowledge related to fire safety.
•To enable graduates to assess risk and devise protection strategies as they relate to fire safety
•To produce resourceful, competent, clear thinking graduates with a range of skills and experience relevant to modern industry and commerce and in particular to develop a range of competences and underpinning knowledge for practicing professionals in the field of Fire Safety.
•To enable the graduates to apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to realistic situations and particularly in the context of the GCC region.
•To develop skills in communication, independent study, team working, problem solving, management and critical thinking which will equip graduates for the world of work and lifelong learning.

Per Year Fee: 48,000 INR / $3000 USD Course Duration: 3 Years