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School of School of Applied & Bio-Sciences

M.Sc. - Biotechnology

School of Sciences started its journey in 2003 with Masters of Science in Biotechnology with an intake of 20 students. The school flourished year after year and the intake in Biotechnology also increased to 30. Hi-tech lecture theatre, fully equipped laboratories, knowledgable and dedicated staff, revised syllabus, best padegogy, round the year practical exercises, other academic and extra curricular activities made it a popular choice of the students across the country. The students from 22 states and many international students have received their Masters degree from school of Science and are placed in the various biotechnological firms of the country. Masters of Science in Biotechnology is a two year program with four semesters. During first and second semesters of the M.Sc. program the students are taught various papers like Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Instrumentation, Virology, Microbial Physiology and Diversity, Genetic Engineering, Bioinformatics and Biostatics. In third semester specialized papers like Bioprocess technology, environmental Biotech, Plant tissue culture, Animal tissue culture are taught. During these three semesters the students have to go through rigorous classroom, teaching, Practicals, Seminar presentation, weekly tests, Assignments, Mid term examination and end-semester examination. Detailed and in depth study of the course material is thoroughly covered with the padegogy.

Practical laboratories are hi-tech with all the sophisticated instruments and equipments like :

•Thermocycler for PCR
•UV-VIS spectrophotometer
•Vertical and horizontal electrophoresis device
•Refrigerated microcentrifuge
•Digital colorimeter
•Quebec colony counter
•(-20 C) refrigerator
•Double water Distiller
•Laminar airflow hoods
•Microwave oven
•Growth chambers
•pH meter
•Mixer, vortex
•Hot air ovens
•Microbiological filters
•Ependorf tubes
•Racks, vials, tips etc.


Fourth semester comprises of dissertation, a minor research program to be done in the CSIR, ICAR institutes or industries of Biotechnology. Our collaboration with several research laboratories, institutes and industries have made the ways swifter for the students to accomplish this minor research program. They are supposed to apply at various places by sending the recommendation letter forwarded by the Dean, School of Sciences. Dissertation reports are to be submitted by the students published following the norms and regulations formulated by the school of sciences. Students of our university have received training from institutes of national level like AIIMS Delhi, CDRI Lucknow, National research center on Camel, Bikaner, NDRI ,Karnal, CMAP Lucknow, DRDO Jodhpur, Indian Institute of Oceanography Goa , National Institute of Immunology Delhi, CFTRI Mysore , CCMB Pune, CSWRI Jaipur, BARC Bombay, IARI PUSA Delhi, JNU Delhi, CAZRI Jodhpur, TIFR Mumbai, NCL ,Pune, MSU Baroda. After the completion of the dissertation program the student has to submit a thesis of approximately of 100 pages along with the certificate of the institute where He/ She has done the dissertation work.

Per Year Fee: 60,000 INR / $3500 USD Course Duration: 2 Years