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School of Applied & Bio-Sciences

B.Sc. - Biology


The B.Sc. (Biology) program is designed keeping in view the latest trends in the field of Chemistry, Botany & Zoology. The students are given an overview of the various subjects of all the three disciplines during the tenure of their program. The various papers that are put to study during the program include study of plants, animals and physical, organic and inorganic chemistry in details. Therefore after completion of the biology program, the students are well versed with the entire area of all the three disciplines and their application in the current scenario. Students will acquire a broad knowledge in mathematics, biological sciences, and natural sciences, coupled with analytical, oral and compositional skills, to promote good citizenship and the capacity for life-long learning. Students will develop and apply oral and written skills, problem-solving skills in developing experimental design and analysis, and participate in individualized hands-on field and laboratory exercises. Students will be prepared with a sufficient depth of knowledge in their specific major program to assure their admission to graduate or professional school or be prepared for entry-level employment. The study of biology can have a multitude of aims and objectives. Largely, it is studied to allow a person to enter a specific field of employment. Other aims for studying biology are intellectual, ethical and pragmatic: to increase knowledge about all aspects of organisms, to encourage greater benevolence in the relationship between humans and the natural environment and to implement biological factors into various technologies or management techniques.

Per Year Fee: 48,000 INR / $3000 USD Course Duration: 3 Years