Rules for Ph.D. programme

Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur offers research programmes leading to the award of the Ph.D. degree. The award of this degree is in recognition of high academic achievements, independent research and application of knowledge to the solution of technical and scientific problems in the various disciplines such as Science, Technology, Management and Commerce, Healthcare, Education, Law, Built Environment, Fashion Design and Arts, Insurance, Humanities and Social Sciences. All Research work shall basically aim at promoting creativity and productivity.

The University shall endeavour to encourage excellent opportunity for research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of joint supervision and shall also undertake sponsored research and development projects from the industry, the public/private sector organizations and various other funding agencies.

The research work shall be an original work characterized by the discovery of the facts or by a fresh approach towards the interpretation of the facts or development of any equipment making a marked advancement in technology. The research work shall distinctly evince the candidate’s capacity for creative examination and sound judgment and shall make original contribution to the existing treasure of knowledge.

The Ph.D. degree shall be conferred and awarded to a candidate who fulfils all the requirements specified in these Ordinances and Regulations in the discipline of the department in which he is registered.

  1. The University shall lay-down and decide well in advance on annual basis, a manageable number of doctoral students depending on the number of available eligible supervisors.
  2. The number of seats as aforesaid shall be notified on a regular basis on the University website and/or advertisement in the widely read national as well as regional newspapers.
  3. A notification for Ph.D. Programme shall specify
    1. The number of seats available in each Department/Faculty/subject, the date, place and syllabi of the Entrance Test
    2. Procedure of application submission
  1. There shall be a Departmental Research Committee (DRC) for each department of the University consisting of the following:-

    1. Dean of the concerned faculty
    2. Head of the concerned Department
    3. All Professors and Associate Professors
    4. Two external experts, to be nominated by the President on the recommendation of the Dean for a period of two years

  2. The DRC may meet as often as necessary in the interest of academic excellence.
  3. The quorum of the DRC shall be not less than one third of its members.
  4. The DRC shall perform the following functions, namely:-

    1. to prepare the syllabus for paper II of the Entrance Test for Ph.D. programme;
    2. to interview and suitably allocate supervisors to each eligible applicant
    3. to approve the proposed research topic of each applicant on the basis of his defending the synopsis;
    4. to cooperate with Dean Research in the determination of the course content for ‘course work semester’ of Ph.D. Programme;
    5. to organize open pre Ph.D. presentation for offering feedback and comments to be incorporated into the draft thesis by the candidate; and
    6. to perform such other functions as are required by the Research Board or any authority or any Statute or Ordinance.

Following shall be the criteria for admission to the Ph.D. programme in the University in accordance with the UGC regulations 2009:

  1. The minimum qualifications for admissions to Ph.D. programme shall be a Master’s degree with 60% marks or equivalent grade/CGPA in Engineering/Technology/Science/ Management including Hotel Management/Pharmacy and 60% marks or equivalent grade/ CGPA in Commerce/Law/Education/Social Sciences or any other equivalent qualification recognised by the University.
  2. The University shall admit applicants to Ph.D. degree programme through Entrance Test conducted by it.
  3. Applicants who have qualified UGC/CSIR (JRF) Examination/SLET/GATE/having five years’ research experience/teacher fellowship holder/teacher research fellows of this University or candidate who have passed M.Phil. programme shall be exempted from the Entrance Test.

Following shall be the procedure for admission:

  1. The applicant should fill application form for admission to Ph. D. Program online and submit with all the desired scanned documents together with fee in the prescribed manner.
  2. The Ph.D. Entrance test shall be conducted twice in a year in the months of January and July on dates notified by the University.
  3. The result of Ph.D. entrance test shall be declared on the University Website:
  4. The date of fee deposition shall be informed to all qualified applicants of Ph.D. entrance test. The information shall also be available on the University website.
  5. Applicants shall be admitted to Ph.D. program after deposition of fees and verification of original documents by the admission department.

  1. (1) There shall be one session of three hours duration .Applicants will be required to attempt undermentioned two papers:
    1. (a) Paper I will be common for all applicants of various Faculties/disciplines, carrying 100 marks, of one hour duration. There will be 50 objective type questions based on
      1. General awareness: 15 questions
      2. Basic computers:15 questions
      3. Research Aptitude: 10 questions based on reasoning and statistics
      4. General Science:10 questions
    2. (b) Paper II will be based on the individual’s subject/discipline to which the applicant belongs. The paper will be of 100 marks for two hours duration. There will be 10 subjective type questions out of which 5 questions are to be attempted.
    3. (c) An applicant who fails to appear in paper I shall not be permitted to appear in Paper II.
  2. Applicants shall be short listed on the basis of merit for the predetermined seats available in each Department/Faculty for Ph.D. programme of the University in an academic session.
  3. The allocation of the supervisor for a selected applicant shall be decided by the concerned DRC only in a formal manner depending on the number of seats per supervisor, the available specialization among the supervisors, and the research interest of the applicant.
  4. Full Time Research Scholar:
    The following category of candidates shall be considered as Full Time Research Scholars:
    1. Self Financed: This category of candidates will not get any financial support from the university.
    2. Study Leave: This category refers to candidates employed in any organization/institute and granted Study leave for a minimum period of two and half years for doing research work at the university.
    3. Teaching Assistant Ship: Students under this category are entitled to financial support as per university norms. However, the concerned students shall have to assist in teaching as assigned by the respective department/ school to the extent of 12 hours per week.
    4. Sponsored Candidates: These candidates are sponsored by any organisation for doing research work in the university. Candidates are expected to be released for full time research work at the university for a minimum period of two and half years.
    5. Fellowship Award: These candidates are financially supported under various government schemes (CSIR, UGC, DAE, DST, DBT, NBHM etc.) or by any other organisation.
    6. Foreign Nationals: These students are admitted through Embassy of the respective government after getting approval from the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Education, Govt. of India.
  5. Part-Time Research Scholars: The following category of candidates shall be considered as Part-Time Research Scholars.
    1. University Staff: This category is only for the persons working in the university.
    2. External: This category includes the candidates employed in any organization / university/institute and desirous of pursuing Ph.D. program while in employment as external candidates. This category also includes College Teachers. These candidates shall be available to the Supervisor (internal) for interaction during weekends, holidays and vacations.

Each candidate including a part-time candidate after having being admitted, shall be required to undertake course work for a minimum period of one semester. The course work shall be treated as pre-Ph.D. preparation and shall include the following courses:

  1. Research Methodology (4 credits): Each Ph.D. candidate will have to undergo one course on Research Methodology which includes quantitative methods and computer applications.
  2. Literature Review in the domain of Research (4 credits) :This course will be adjudged by submitting a Review article/assignment based on reviewing of at least 50 latest published research articles/work in the relevant research field and a presentation of the same.
  3. Specialization paper (4 credits): Each Ph.D. candidate shall be required to complete a subject specific course. The syllabus of this course will be designed by the supervisor as per the concern research field.
At the end of the course work of one semester each candidate shall be examined in the month of Nov. /Dec. and May/June every year in the above three courses. A candidate who has put in a minimum of 75% attendance during the course work will be admitted to the examination which follows the course work.

S. No.

Course Code

Course Name


Exam. Hours



Research Methodology (including Quantitative techniques and Computer Applications in Research)


3 hours



Literature Review in the domain of Research


Assessment of review article in the relevant field and a presentation of the same



Specialization Course (Departmental elective)


3 hours






  1. The syllabus of the course Research Methodology (including quantitative techniques and computer applications) shall be prepared by the Research Board and the syllabus of the specialization course (Departmental elective) shall be prepared by the concerned DRC in consultation with the Supervisors of the field.
  2. The question papers for the course work shall be prepared by the external experts other than Supervisors to be appointed by the President on the recommendation of Dean-Research/DRC.
  3. In general the answer books of course work shall be assessed by the concerned paper setter. However, in case the Paper Setter is not available other competent faculty may be appointed by the President on the recommendation of Dean-Research/DRC.
  4. The candidates shall be awarded grades in each course and their results will be provided in terms of SGPA as per university norms.
  5. A candidate who secures “C” grade or above separately in each paper and has SGPA 5.5 on ten point scale at the above examination shall be deemed to have successfully completed the course work.
  6. A candidate who fails to secure the minimum prescribed grade “C” in any of above courses and SGPA 5.5on ten point scale at the above examination shall be permitted to reappear at the next ensuing examination(s).
  7. The University may allow a part-time candidate to carry out the course work of one semester in any Institution/Sister Department within or outside the University, provided that such a candidate shall have to appear at the examination conducted by the University at the end of such course work semester.

  1. In addition to the holidays declared by the University, a Ph.D. candidate may avail leave up to thirty days during an academic year.
  2. A Ph.D. candidate shall not be entitled to any inter-semester or winter breaks or summer vacations.
  3. Maternity/Paternity leave shall be admissible as per the University rules, only once during the entire tenure of a candidate for Ph.D.

  1. Upon successful completion of the course work the candidate shall be required to present and defend a synopsis of his/her proposed research work before the DRC who may either approve or may ask the candidate to resubmit the synopsis based on the suggestions/modifications made by it. The DRC may allow not more than three attempts to a candidate for defending the synopsis of the proposed research work.
  2. Upon approval of the synopsis by the DRC, the application for registration shall be placed before the President who, after being satisfied with the candidate’s requisite qualification and the subject offered can be well pursued for the Ph.D. programme, may permit the candidate to get himself registered as a candidate for Ph.D. programme by fulfilling conditions, if any, prescribed by the university for registration and to undertake research work and produce a draft thesis within the stipulated time limit.
  3. At the time of registration the candidate will submit photocopies of his documents to the office of Dean Research
  4. Every candidate registered for Ph.D. programme shall be duly enrolled, unless he has already been enrolled once in the University, as a research candidate of the University on payment of prescribed fee and required documents in original.
  5. Minimum Registration Period
    No full time candidate shall be permitted to submit the research thesis for the award of Ph.D. degree before the expiry of a period of two years from the date of registration, and not before the expiry of three years if the candidate is a part time for the programme.
  6. Maximum Registration Period
    No full time candidate shall be permitted to submit the research thesis for the award of Ph.D. degree after the expiry of a period of four years from the date of registration, and if he is a part time/teacher candidate, not after the expiry of six years.
  7. Cancellation of Registration
    The Dean Research may, on the recommendation of the DRC concerned, cancel the registration of a Ph.D. candidate on any one or more grounds of the following; namely, if-
    1. two consecutive progress reports of the candidate are not satisfactory;
    2. a student abstains from the programme for a continuous period of four weeks without prior information in writing to his supervisor;
    3. the candidate fails to submit the thesis within the maximum registration period permitted;
    4. the candidate resigns from the Ph.D. programme and his supervisor(s) recommend(s) cancellation of registration;
    5. The candidate is found involved in an act of misconduct and/or indiscipline and the competent authority recommends his termination from the programme.
  8. Re-registration
    1. A candidate whose registration has been cancelled on any ground other than that provided in 9(7) (e) above may apply for re-registration for the Ph.D. programme and the University may register him afresh as a candidate without requiring him to appear at the entrance test and without undergoing the course work.
    2. A candidate whose thesis has been rejected by the examiners may be permitted to re-register himself/herself for Ph.D. degree on a topic approved and recommended by the concerned DRC.

The candidate shall be registered in the Discipline as per norms mentioned in the table below:


PG Qualification

Area of Ph.D

To be enrolled in



Computer Sciences &Engg.
Information Technology
Electronics & Communication Engg.
Electrical Engg.
Mechanical Engg.
Civil Engg.

Faculty of Engg. & Tech.



Computer Sciences
Information Technology
Computer Applications

Faculty of Science




Faculty of Education




Faculty of Pharmacy




Faculty of Management




Faculty of Commerce




Public Administration
Geography etc.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

  1. The following persons shall be eligible to act as research supervisors:-
    1. All Professors and Associate Professors in the University schools who possess a Ph.D. degree of a recognized University.
    2. All Assistant Professors in the University schools possessing a Ph.D. degree with atleast five years teaching experience of post-graduate classes or at least five year experience of post-doctoral research work in recognized institutions and having atleast five published research papers in referred research journals.
    3. An eminent candidate or a scientist, researcher or a teacher, working or retired, not being a teacher of this University, who holds a Ph.D. degree may be recognized as a supervisor by the President on the recommendation of the Research Board if he is actively engaged in research work for atleast five years and has not less than five published research papers to his credit in referred journal(s).
  2. The University may permit joint supervision either in the same department or different departments/Faculties in special cases provided:
    1. The reasons for such joint supervision are well ascertained by both the supervisors.
    2. The DRC decides as to who out of the two shall be the main supervisor.
    3. The candidate shall be counted as one full candidate in the quota of the main supervisor.
    4. The co-supervisor shall not act as an examiner.
  3. The University may permit, on the recommendation of DRC approved by the Research Board, appointment of a caretaker supervisor in special circumstances such as a supervisor proceeding on long leave of six months or more and the like.
  4. A new supervisor may be appointed by the Research Board on the recommendation of DRC in the event of death, or prolonged illness of the supervisor or if inability to guide is expressed by the supervisor on or after his superannuation or resignation from the services of the University.
  5. No supervisor shall have, at any given point of time, more than eight registered Ph.D. candidates with him.
  6. No supervisor shall guide any of his close relatives as specified by the University.
  7. The faculty of SGVU shall only be the Principal Research Supervisor / Main Guide. However, there may be a Co-supervisor / Co-guide from outside the university.

The University may, on the application of a part-time candidate, register him as a full-time candidate or allow a full-time candidate to be registered as a part-time candidate for the Ph.D. programme provided all other conditions for such candidature are fulfilled to the satisfaction of the DRC.

  1. Till the submission of the thesis each candidate registered for the Ph.D program shall submit periodically a six monthly progress report in the prescribed format to the DRC through the supervisor(s).
  2. The DRC shall evaluate the progress report of the Ph. D. candidate and submit the report to the President with a copy to the concerned candidate and the Dean Research.

A candidate ordinarily shall not be permitted to change his topic during the course of the research work once it has been approved by the DRC. However, if an occasion arises due to technical difficulties, the President may, on the recommendation of the DRC and the Research Board, permit any modification of the topic within a period of one year (and not thereafter)from the date of registration. The University may permit the candidate to submit his thesis after two years of such modification or change of topic.

  1. Candidates shall not be allowed to submit to the University the thesis produced by him for its evaluation unless he has:
    1. published at least two research papers in referred journals mentioning the name of Suresh Gyan Vihar University before the submission of the thesis and produces evidence for the same in the form of acceptance letter or the reprint.
    2. made before the DRC, a pre-Ph.D. presentation of his research work which would be attended by the teachers and research candidates.
    3. a certificate duly signed by the supervisor stating the suggestions (if any) given by the DRC have been incorporated in the draft thesis.
    4. submitted one soft copy of the thesis to the Office of Dean Research for plagiarism check. The acceptable limit of plagiarism is 30%.
  2. The candidate shall be required to submit to the Dean Research four printed copies of his thesis along with two soft copies of the same.
  3. The colour of the thesis cover in various disciplines shall be as follows:
    1. Faculty of Management and Commerce-cream (#FAECC7)
    2. Faculty of Engineering and Technology-orange (#FFA268)
    3. Faculty of Education-pink (#FFCEFD)
    4. Faculty of Pharmacy-green (#22BD7B)
    5. Faculty of Sciences-blue (#91D5F8)
    6. The candidate shall follow the colour code strictly.
  4. The thesis shall be in English.
  5. The candidates shall also submit the following documents together with thesis:
    1. A ‘no dues’ certificate duly signed by the Head of the Department, Library, Finance Department, Hostel Warden, and Sports Officer, shall be submitted along with the thesis.
    2. The thesis submission fees receipt
    3. A certificate furnished by the supervisor verifying that the thesis contains substantial original work of the student.

  1. The supervisor shall prepare and suggest to the President, before three months of the likely date of submission of the thesis by the student, a panel of eight evaluators from outside the University not below the rank of Associate Professor or equivalent position in State/Central University/National Laboratories/Research Centres established by ICAR/ICMR/CSIR etc. The panel of eight examiners may include minimum two evaluators from top National level institutions like IIT/IIM/NIT etc. The panel shall also include not less than three names of experts from outside the state. If necessary, the President may call for additional name(s) for the panel from the supervisor. The panel submitted should include relevant information of the evaluator like designation, field of expertise full postal and e-mail addresses, basic and cell phone number. The supervisor shall give a certificate to the effect that the names suggested in the panel are not close relatives either of the supervisor himself or of the candidate.
  2. The President shall appoint two external examiners, from the panel of eight examiners submitted by the supervisor, out of which one shall be from outside the state or even the country from out of the panel submitted as (1) above.

  1. The University shall, after obtaining the consent of the examiners appointed by the President out of the panel submitted by the supervisor, dispatch a copy of the thesis produced and submitted by the candidate to each one of them to send their evaluation report (in triplet) to the Dean Research within a period of two months of the receipt of the thesis.
  2. If no consent is received from the examiner within a month, a new examiner shall be appointed by the President out of the panel.
  3. The examiner shall be required to send his/her report on the prescribed form clearly stating that the:
    1. Thesis is recommended for the awarded for the degree of the Ph.D. or
    2. Thesis is recommended for the awarded for the degree of the Ph.D. subjected to the candidate giving satisfactory answers to queries or
    3. Candidate be required to submit his thesis in the revised form or
    4. Thesis is rejected
  4. The Research Board shall
    1. accept the recommendation of the examiners if all the three examiners recommend the acceptance of the thesis
    2. reject the thesis if two of the three examiners recommends rejection of the thesis
    3. appoint a fourth examiner for evaluation if one of the three examiners recommends rejection of the thesis
    4. require on student on the basis of the report(s) of the examiner(s) to revise within one year the thesis if one/two out of the three examiners recommend(s) revision, such revised version of the thesis being again sent for the recommendation to the same examiner(s) who recommended its revision
    5. appoint a new examiner from out of the same panel if an examiner fails, despite two reminders from the University, to submit his report before the expiry of four months or withdraws his consent at any stage of evaluation process from the date of dispatch of the thesis

  1. The President shall, on receipt of satisfactory evaluation reports from the examiners, appoint
    1. an external examiner from out of the two external examiners who evaluated the thesis for conducting the viva-voce examination. However, if both the examiners are not available, the Presidentmay, for reasons to be recorded in writing, appoint a new examiner from out of the existing panel; and
    2. a viva-voce committee consisting of the supervisor and external examiner.
  2. The supervisor shall fix a suitable date for the viva-voce examination with the external examiner. The Dean Research shall, on the request of the Supervisor, notify the day, time, and place at least ten days in advance to all concerned.
  3. The Dean Research shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the viva-voce examination.
  4. At such viva-voce examination the candidate shall be required to openly defend his research work in presence of both the examiners, teachers, research candidates of the University who may be invited to witness and make queries, if any, strictly relating and relevant to the topic of research.
  5. The viva-voce examiners shall, at the very outset of the examination, will be informed about the comments and recommendations made by the examiners.
  6. The Viva-Voce committee shall submit a comprehensive report on the performance of the candidate on the viva-voce examination and recommend that:
    1. the degree of Ph.D. be awarded; or
    2. the candidate be re-examined at a second viva-voce to be conducted not before three months but not later than six months; or
    3. the degree be not awarded and the thesis be rejected.

The reports of the examiners (including those of the Viva-Voce committee) shall be placed before the President for acceptance or rejection, as the case may be, of the thesis on behalf of the Board who shall report the same to the Board through Academic Council for confirmation.

The University shall, within a period of thirty days, after the successful completion of the evaluation process and announcement of the award of Ph.D. degree to a candidate, submit a soft copy of the approved Ph.D. thesis to the UGC for hoisting the same in INFLIBNET etc., to make the research work accessible to other Universities/institutions.

The candidate will have to submit a soft copy of the thesis in pdf file format within a week of the announcement of the award of the Ph.D. degree. The soft copy submitted will be other than the soft copy submitted for plagiarism check. The soft copy shall cover the following in pdf file format in the following order:

  1. Title Cover
  2. Various Certificates
  3. List of Contents
  4. List of tables
  5. List of figures
  6. Acknowledgement
  7. Chapter I,II................ etc
  8. Appendix
  9. References
  10. List of Publications

  1. Till the time the Ph.D. degree is conferred on the candidate, the University shall, on the application of the student, issue to him a Provisional Certificate for its intended use.
  2. The University shall ensure that both, the Provisional Certificate and the Ph.D. degree, contains an express statement to the effect that the Degree has been awarded in accordance with the provisions of UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of Ph.D. Degree) regulations, 2009.

Reservation in admission to Ph.D. Programme for students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/PH and other such like categories shall be implemented as prescribed by the Government of India/State of Rajasthan.

In case any question arises regarding interpretation of these provisions , the matter may be referred by the President to the Chairperson whose decision thereon shall be final.