Placement Policies

  • The Companies for recruitment process are anticipated to bestow a Pre-Placement talk laying out the details of the company and the offer before the procedure. In case there is no such proactive action by the company, then the T&P department would give the same.
  • Lest if a company has an explicit prerequisite, the recruitment committee has all the rights to put forward a set of students and it is obligatory for the students to attend the interview. If the student gets selected and an offer is made, then student is free to take the decision regarding his joining.
  • Each student shall be qualified for only two offers. Till a confirmation on offer letter is acknowledged by the Gyanviharite offered by the company.
  • The company on call is gratis to formulate their preference of students irrespective of their specialization.
  • If possible, Pre-Placement propose to summer trainees should be made in the very beginning and the student must come to a decision on the proffer within 24 hours of getting it.
  • If the above mentioned offer is accepted, the student will have to decide on the institute placement process. On the other hand, a student in anticipation of Pre-Placement Interview Offer is entitled to participate in the placement process.
  • The Companies who are offering placements at international level and paying the students in a currency other than the Indian Currency are allowed to make spot offers to students, selecting them as consultants. Nevertheless, the companies coming before their assigned day and time cannot make spot offers.
  • In case a student who is placed in the course of the University placement process takes up private placement as well in another company, the T & P Head, in consultation with the companies concerned, shall invalidate both the offers.
  • All communication to and from the company will be routed through the T&P cell only.