University's center of Knowledge Incubation is devoted for Imagination, Creativity and Inovation through minor projects & major projects of the students of various schools during their hands-on-practices.

There are few Recent Projects designed & developed by SGVU students, which may change the future of mankind

Advertising Restaurants

CS Department Portal

City Info Website

Time Table Generator

College Management Information System

Design & conf. Of n/w in college campus

Job Portal

Real Estate Valley

Mobile Phone Basedx Remote Control System

Wireless Robotic Hand

Advance Classroom

Ultrasonic Distance Altimeter

Maze Robot

Automated Restaurant

Gsm based monitoring & controlling system

Power theft detection using gsm technology

landmine detector robot

Mobile control home appliance

Accident condition avoidance using MEMS

Automated car parking system

Advance wireless railway management system

Artificial Intelligence & SAPI

   Audio Based Editor

   College Management System

   Shopping Mart

   Corporate Internetwork

   Authentication & Attendance System

   Multi facility Interface for Windows Users

   Social Networking Site

   Wireless Image Processing Robot

   Video Surveillance System

   Supervisiory Control & Data Acquisition Sys

   Home Automation using RF Control

   Synchronize Vechile Tax collection system

   Airbone Survillance Robot

   Autonomous path finding Robot

   Secure wireless data communication

   Cellphone operator Robot

   Static touch using LASER & LED

   DTMF operated Robot car

   Wireless fly sqy camera

   Advamce wireless railway management system

   Video survillance system