The mission of the Central Library is to Collect and compile new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources and providing value added services to the community of the university as well as to the society.

Library Resources

S.No. Department No. of Books
1. Enggineering & Technology 33318
2. ISBM 15790
3. Pharmacy 5542
4. BHMCT 2295
5. Bio Sciences 1628
6. Education 3670
7. Braille Books 314
8. Distance Education 1445
9. Book Bank 5652
10. Agriculture 682
Total 70336

Library Services

  • Circulation Services ( Issue/ Return of books) to- Faculty and Staff, B.Tech & M.Tech. students, B. Pharma & M.Pharma. students, ISBM students, BHMCT students, B. Ed. & M. Ed. Students, M. Sc. ( Bio Sciences) students.
  • Computer Access with Internet facility to the users.
  • Reference Services.
  • News Papers and Magazines
  • Periodicals
  • Photocopy Services on nominal charges
  • Issuing books from Book Bank
  • Property Counter at the Entrance.
  • Issuing CDs.

Library Timings

Monday to Saturday : 08.00 AM to 07.00 PM
Sunday : 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Library Staff (Technical)

Library Staff (Technical)
1. Chief Librarian01
2. Asstt. Librarian 04
3. Computer Operator 01
Library Staff (Non Technical)
1. Attendants 04

Rules & Regulations

A person, who intends to become a member of library, would like to know the privileges of a member. The rules of the library should provide information about the following:
1. Hours of Opening.
2. Holidays.
3. Membership.
4. Admission to the Library.
5. Loan privilege:- Library Membership Card.
6. Conditions of loan.
7. General
A set of model library rules for a SGVU library are given below:

The Library is kept open on all days from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm except national holidays unless decided otherwise by the library committee. Note : The issue counter shall be closed one hour before the closing of the library.
The following are entitled to enroll themselves as members :
(a) Students and teachers of the university.
(b) Administrative staff of the university.
To get enrolled as a member, a person has to fill and sign Library Membership Form. He has to get it recommended by the Chief Librarian of the university.
A person who is a member can be permitted into the library. However, non-member shall be admitted only by special permit to be issued by the librarian or his deputy during his absence. The decision of the librarian or his deputy shall be final.Membership/Identity card is to be shown at the counter, whenever requested. Every member shall enter his name and membership number in the gate register.

Sticks, umbrellas, boxes, personal books and such other items, which are prohibited in the library, are to be deposited at the property counter.

Silence shall be strictly observed in the library.

Spitting and smoking are strictly prohibited. No person should damage or disfigure books or other property of the library. A member has to replace such books or other property damaged or distorted or make payment for the value thereof.
Each member shall be given a Library Membership Card as many volumes of books he is entitled to borrow at one time. Books will be issued for a maximum period of one month to faculty/Staff members.

The members are entitled to take books on loan on a scale given below :
  1. B. Tech : 6 Books 14 days
  2. M. Tech : 6 Books 14 days
  3. Research Scholars : 6 Books 14 days
  4. Teachers: 6 Books 1 Month
  5. Administrative staff : 2 Books 1 Month

Issue & Return Timing:

General books are issued or returned on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 AM. Textbook can be consulted within the Library premises on depositing Library Membership Card. One reference book can be issued on loan for overnight from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Reference books should be returned the very next day between 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Library Computerization :

The Central Library has computerized all its activities including Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serials Control and Stock Verification using Total Library Software System. The online Public Access Catalogue (Web-Opac) can be accessed on internet to search more 2,50,000 bibliographic records available in the Library Database through a web-based search interface or with windows client of the TLSS. The editing and updating activities are done on the regular basis. The Central Library uses Barcode technology for computerized circulation system and stock verification. Every document in the library bears a barcode and every authorized user has a barcode patron card, which, in turn, facilities their identification in the circulation process. The library has developed in-house facility for bar coding of books and pattern cards.

Loss of Library Membership Card :

The loss of Library Card (with barcode sticker) or bar-coded patron card should be reported to the Chief Librarian. A duplicate Library Membership Card shall be issued on payment of fee of Rs. 100/- for Library Membership Card after lapse of two weeks from the date of such a notice. He shall be required to sign an indemnity bond. Member shall be responsible for the misuse of Library Membership Card.
The reader should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters etc. while getting them issued. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical conditions of the book before borrowing. Otherwise they shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning. If any discrepancy is noticed then a penalty of Rs. 500/- plus original cost of the book will be recovered from the borrower.

Reference books, rare books, periodical publications are not ordinarily issued against loan. All books on loan shall be returned at the expiry of a fortnight from the date of issue unless specified otherwise. However Reference books shall be issued for overnight, only on permission from Chief Librarian.

Books on special demand may be lent for a shorter period as decided by the Librarian. Book Loan may be terminated at any time by the order of librarian. An overdose charges or Rs. 1/- per volume per day shall be charged if a book is kept beyond the period of loan. However, overdue charges for books issued from Reference section shall be Rs. 5/- per volume per day. Members who repeatedly fail to return books on due date will lose the privilege of the membership of the library.

A book loan may be reserved for borrowing, by the other members by filling up a bespeaking card (Advance Reservation) Library Membership Card is non transferable.
The case of misbehavior or discourtesy by the staff or unwillingness to provide services are tol be reported to the Librarian or his deputy during his absence. A member, who infringes rules, shall be liable to forfeit his privilege of admission to and borrowing of books from the Library. Search: ERMSS, EJSERVER, Web OPAC.

General Rules

  • The Library user should not engage in audible conversation in any part of the Library;
  • A person should not write, damage or mark any book belonging to the Library;
  • A person responsible for any damage caused by him/her to the book or any other property belonging to the Library, shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon him/her by the Librarian;
  • The Security Guard at the library gate will check all personal belonging including Library books issued to a member; Personal book(s) shall not be allowed inside the Library. Please leave them at the Property Counter;
  • Use of mobile phone in the Library is prohibited strictly;
  • The reader should check the books before borrowing to ensure that these are not damaged. If a book is found to be damaged or certain pages are missing, the borrower should get this statement recorded on the book, otherwise he/she be held responsible for the damage, discovered at the time of returning the books;
  • Smoking, pan chewing and spitting in the Library is prohibited;
  • Photography is not allowed; and
  • Membership privileges of a user can be suspended on account of mis-behaviour with the Library staff or for indecent manners.