Knowledge Dissemination Centre acts as place for capacity-building, partnership-building and follow-up on the implementation of international processes and programmes, which are important for the industrially oriented requirements for advanced and compatible information through academic interactions. Consequently Gyan Vihar universe has acquired the wherewithal to train highly motivated professionals to fulfill the human resource requirements of the industries.

Accordingly, KDC has tied-up with international organizations to produce high caliber professionals in their centre of excellence.

  • Linux Software: Scientific Applications.
  • Red hat Enterprise Linux ES 5.0 Server edition.
  • Course wares RH 033/133/253.
  • Seminar on open source technology.
  • Projects on Linux /open.
  • Certification exams RCHE exam.
  • And RHCSS Red hat certified security specialists.
To fulfill the various requirements of Linux systems thousands of software applications have been developed for Linux. New ones are being added each day. Various Linux applications can perform scientific work. Scientific Computing with Free Linux Software can be done through documents that aim to show how a PC running GNU/Linux can be useful for scientific computing. It lists the various available free software and also provides links on the World Wide Web to get started with the tools. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can avail. Some of these are related with chemistry, Biology, & related to mathematics, Numerical Analysis Advertisement, Physics and Astronomy, Scientific Data Processing & Visualization Database Systems, Prime Numbers etc.

Further, various advantages of Linux operating systems that differ from the usual operating systems are as follow:

  • Linux Commands and Shell Commands.
  • Linux Distributions - Index.
  • Linux Documentation.
  • Linux Software Applications - Index.
  • Open Source Issues.
  • Linux News, OS News, Tech News.
  • Linux Beginners.
  • Linux Desktop Linux Glossary.
  • Linux Games
  • Linux 101
  • Linux How-To
  • Embedded Linux
  • Software Open Linux
  • Top-picks of Linux-based office suites (with integrated word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and graphics applications, etc.)
  • How to configure Update Settings through Linux operating systems, and their applications in various aspects of the industries and elsewhere.
All programs are free or distributed under the GNU Library General Public License.
1.  Open Office

Open Office includes the key desktop applications, including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager and drawing program; open-source databases which can be easily integrated. It runs stably and natively on Solaris, Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX (X11). It is sophisticated and flexible, working transparently with a variety of file formats, including those of MS Office.
2.  Siag Office
A tightly integrated office package including a word processor, spreadsheet, text editor, animation program, file manager and PostScript previewed. It can be compiled for Linux, HP-UX and possibly other UNIX flavors.
3.  KOffice
KOffice is an integrated office suite for the K Desktop Environment (KDE) consisting of several applications: Word processor, spreadsheet, database, flow charts, drawing, and image editing and presentation software. It can be compiled for several flavors of UNIX. Home Makeovers: Simplified
Home Projects Made Easy
The academy fulfills the requirements for network administration /administrator solutions through running advanced courses in the following ways:

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates)
CCNA acts as certified network modules course which will provide benefits to all type of advanced information ,manufacturing process, financial industries and the training course provides the best methods of networking issues ,Accordingly the course module as administration and administrator helps in the validation of ability to install and operate the network as synchronized and asynchronized issues ,configure, trouble shoot ,medium size routed and switched networks including implementation and verification of connections to the sites as MAN/WAN systems as per requirements.

  • The course module is of specified timing and verified contents as per below.
  • Introduction to networking (LANs WANs) and their stands.
  • Basics of cables for adaptability of heat, ventilated and air conditioner depends on the availability of materials.
  • Protocol modules (OSI, TCP, IP).
  • Rules and regulations related with networking.
  • Switches / hubs Routers (configuration, programming).
  • Ethernets.
  • Commands acceptances.
  • Overall views to set information’s collection of informations form adjacent and remote parts even in remote operations and networking; to develop the skills that are necessary to select, connect, configure and trouble shoot parts.
  • Designing software in mechanical engineering electrical.

Training on CAD, CAM software (AutoCAD, 3Ds, MAX, PRO/E think3, think design, think iD (design expression) dimensions hip=pnla1000: variables are very fast calculations, data can be recovered fast, reengineering, modification in time saving dimensions.

AutoCAD as solution provider as High end training to engineers technologists ,professionals and industrial executives as high quality industrial training fro IRP (INDUSTRY READY PROFESSIONAL ) as users in various fields of engineering.

Logical and practical approach training approach training with industrial projects.
Design techniques
These software’s will help in machine design ,reverse engineering ,prototype development ,product design 7 development (PDD) architectural and interior projects ,structure & civil projects and construction ,interior design and fashion designs overall.

This course provides the authority of advanced courses which provides direct interactions with Autodesk, USA and with world-class exercise books for the same.

Advanced industrial oriented programme
  • Foundation industrial oriented programme Training programme as CAD trainer
  • Mechanical CAD AUTOCAD, MechQ Gear factory
  • Training areas (ProE/Wildlife) as practical training or industrial training
  • Machine design, calculation of mechanical parts, (top- down and bottom –up designing concepts and advanced materials).
  • 2-Dimensional sketches and appearances .2Ddetailings ,3D modeling (solid, surface thickness ) Model sectioning ,pattern making ,modeling with equations ,mould designing sectioning pattern making modeling with equations animations ,plastic advisors ,assembly etc.

Software Testing Tool

  • IBM Tivoli
    Global solution to Mainframe Training To train individuals, Students Professionals Mentors and Corporate in the way of well known parental computer organization as "IBM Mainstream".
In this way trainers were recruited by leading software companies for IT enabled and dependable industries.

Examples are so many in the present text of advanced and 5 G era such as : ACS, Accenture, IBM Global Service, HP, Kanbay, NCR CGI, L7T, Attra, InfoTech, i-flex, Mindtree, Covansys, Capgemini, Cambridge etc., utilizes the developed software testing tool as supreme with almost negligible error .

Training programmers to student, professional and corporate useful are through the S39 with Z/OS IN A/C classroom with TSO,MVS,LSO,JCL,VSAM,COBOL,DB2,&CKS etc., acts as rational programmers with seven modules:
• Rational Rose Enterprise edition V7.0.
• Rational Requisite Pro V 7.0.

The course design also make as OOAD with.

Microsoft has unlimited potential to help individuals, communities around the globe with time and space saving services and equipments. Rapid application developments.

Work with dates in a unified and integrated ways and build applications that run on multiple versions of the dot NET frameworks. Collaborate across the development ways and techniques and cycles which enhance and enable developers, designers, testers, architects and project managers, to work together through shared tools and integrated processes which reduces the time to solutions.

  • Integrate data base features into the application for life cycles management.
  • Enable seamless collaboration between developments and designers as MS Expressions.
Create Outstanding User Experiences:
  • Experience new tools and support systems for web developments.
  • Build reliable and scalable application for office systems.
  • Building stunning applications for Windows Vista.
Important and Advanced Software are:
  • MS Windows Server 2008.
  • MS Visual Studio 2008 MS SQL Server 2008.
  • Microsoft TechNet.
  • Msdnn.

KDC has to train engineering, management and postgraduate students as well as professionals to manage project designers and to become responsible for technical areas and as well as manufacturing areas. They are trained to become capable evaluators of the most comprehensive and advanced product overviews at the international level, encompassing the complete spectrum of products and solutions of different industries.