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Name of Student Topic of Dissertation Specialization (Stream)
Nikhil Kumar Anlaysis of Leakage Power Reduction Using Leakage Control Logic with power gatting
Ranjan Kumar Singh Implementation and Analysis of Power reduction in 2 to 4 Decoder Design using Adiabatic Logic
anurag Sharma BIST Architecture And Implementation of 64 bit Double Precision Floating Point Multiplier using VHDL
Deepak Parashar A High Speed 32 bit Signed Unsigned Pipelined Multiplier using BIST
Harsh Raj Power Analysis of 4 T SRAM By Staking technique using Tanner Tool
Mohit Singh Compact Ultra Wideband Antenna Designed For Wireless Antenna
shruti Taksali The Analysis of Gap Variation on bowtie Microstrip Antenna nanoptenna
Kratika Jain Dual band Rectangular Microstrip patch Antenna for Wireless communication System
Ankit Kapil Analysis and Comparative Study of Different Parameters of OPamP using BJT and CMOs using Tanner tools
Ruchi Sharma Analysis of different Multipliers with digital filters using VHDL Language
Saket Malik Implementation of GPS and GSM based Vehical Trakking system
Harsh Vardhni Optimal Design of CMOS Opamp using Geometric Programming
Gori Shankar Design and Analysis of Low Power hierarchical Decoder
Sarwagya Chaudhary Design of a High Speed ALU in 90 nm Technology using Blooth Multiplier
Pallavi Atha Design And Implementation of AES Algorithm over FPGA in VHDL
Anshu Sharma Study And Analysis of Low Power LOW Voltage Pipeline Architecture of ADC using 0.18?m Technology
Aditya Sharma FPGA Implementation of Quaternery Adder Subsubtractor and Logic Unit
Badal Sharma A Novel Method for Design and implementation of 32- bit ALU based on Ancient Vedic Mathematics Sutras
Kumar Rishi Study nd Analysis of Small signal Prameters, Slew Rate and Power Dissipiation of BJT and C_MOS Amplifiers with and without Negative Feedback using T-S
Tauseef Amin Azmi Physical Design Implementation of a Subsysten Torpido Processor
Anamika Singh Analysis and Comparision of Different types of Adders
Gajendra Singh Solanki power Optimization of High Speed Pipelined 8B/10B Encoder
Yashika Chandra Pareek Parrallel Data Buffering Through CMOS Pulse Triggering And Implemention in the form of Spy Boat
Seema Sharma Power Optimization of Linear Feedback shift Register With Clock Gatting
Tarun kumar Gauttam Arbiter Design Using Verilog For Switching to communicate in between multiple Resources
Shruti Dixit FPGA implementation of Wallace tree multiplier using carry select adder and carry look ahed Adder
Shailesh Siddha Area efficient four input decimal adder using CSA and CLA
Harsit Doshi Design of high Speed,Low power 8 bit Analog to digital convertor in 180nm Technology
Sonia Dixit Development of Data Acquisition System Using VHDL
Satish Kumar Parashar Performance Analysis of MIcroStrip Patch Antenna with EBG Structure
Vishwas Giri Goswami Performance of Different M-ARY Modulation over Wireless Fading Channel
Malti Kumari VLSI implemention of Parrallel Prefix Subtractor Using Modified 2's Complement Techniques and on Chip Verification using LFSR Techniques
Ashish Tyagi Real Time Licence Plat Detection Using Adaptive Corelation Comparision
Ashish Garg Denoising And Restortion of Image Using Wavelets
Indu Bala Pauria Design and Simulation of E-Shape Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Wideband Application
Bhudev Tyagi Analysis And Design of Slot Anteena Using Gap Feeding & Micro Strip Fedding Techniques
Vandana Agarwal AWGN effects on OFDM Simulation
Kanak Prabha Gupta Analysis of Chromatic Dissperssion and Confiment Loss Compension fiber Using Square Hole PCF
Manan trivedi Demonstration of Chromatic Disspersion Compension Fiber using Circular Hole PCF For Different Material Varying Designs
Isha Suwalka A Novel Approch for Noise Reduction in Hearing Aid Using Wavelet and Adaptive Filter
Tanmay Vyas Protocol Development for Wireless Sensor Network
Sandip Chotaliya Copartive Communication
Ravi Kumar Bandwidth Enhancement in wirless Application by Using H Shape Slot Micro Strip Apperture Coupled Antenna
Naveen Upadhyay Design And Parametric Analysis of Resonant Frequency for Micro Strip Fractral Antenna
Kshitiz Agarwal Design and Performance Analysis of PID Controller for Unstable First Order Plus Dead Time Process
Neha Jain Comaritive Study of Apperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna At 2.3GHz And 2.4 GHz Frequency
Devendra Singh Hardware Implemention and Performance Analysis of Non Binary LDPC Decoder
Anita Chopra Performance Optimization of Wire Bow Tie Antenna Using NEC2 Software
Chitranjan Sharma Performance Analysis of TCP Variants And Routing Protocol in Mobile Adhoc Network
Roshan Jain Performance Analysis of OFDM System Using MATLAB
Shailendra Kumar Jain Performance Evaluation of Diversity System in Fading Channel
Pooja Agarwal Analysis of Eliptical Air Hole PCF With Different Configration
Saurabh Shukla C Band Vivaldi And its Array
Mahesh Chand Performance of FEC Codes over AWGN Channel for Efficent use in Polymer Optical fiber Link
Dheeraj Kumar Joshi Efficient Speech-Music Discrimination of real time Communication
Sachin Kumar Performance Optimization of Semicondctor Optical Amplifier
Rajesh Kumar Dubey Evaluation of Routing Prrotocols in ZIGBEE Wireless Sensor Network
Himat Lal Kumawat Implemention of a Forward Error Correction Techniques Using Convolution Encoding With Viterbi Decoding
Urooj Sultana Study of Radition Properties of Sprio Helical Antenna And Its Compersion with Conventional Helix
Abhishek Sharma Analysis of Inset Slot Micro Strip Patch Antenna
Manya Upadhya An Analysis of Biological Signal Using Conventional & Non Convention Signal Processing Techniques
Praveen Kumar Pandey Physical Design And Analysis of Low Voltage Operational Amplifier Using Cadence Virtuoso
Piyush Sharma Leakage Power Readuction in CMOS XOR Full Adder Using Power Gatting With GDI Techniques
Pramod WSN Application : Intelligent Drip Irrigation System Through Moisture And Temperature Sensor
Ravi Kumar Design of 1.8 Volt,72ms/S 12 Bit Pipeline ADC in 0.18 um Technology
Sangeeta Choudhary CPW - Feed Micro strip Antenna for WLAN Application
Manoj Kumar Sharma Modification in Parameters of Inter Satellite Communication Using Multiple Transmitter And Reciever
Lokesh Sharma Improved design and Implementation of Planar Inverted Cone Antenna (PICA)
Sarthak Khetawat a 16- Bit Microontroller Designing using VHDL
Sheetal Meena Novel Approach to Cross Talk Avoidance in RLC Modelled Interconnects using Bus Encoder
Gaurav Saxena Development and Analysis of SEU Resillent system for SRAM And BiCMOS Using ORCAD
Nidhi Goyal Comparative Study And Analysis of BJT and CMOS OP-Circuit
Suchi Garg Design And Implementation of Enviourment Decontamination System Controller Using ORCAD Capture CIS And Code Warrior IDE
Ssantosh Kr Singh Design Analyis And Technology Chalengeg of SRAM For Migration from 130nm to 90nm
Kamlesh Kumawat Performance Analysis on Modulation Techniques of WCDMA In Multipath Fading Channel
Arpan Shah Analysis and Compartive Study of Effect of Feedback on BJT and CMOS Amplifier Using Trainer Tools
Ashutosh Kumar Design of 64 Bit Parrallel Prefix VLSI Adder for High Speed Arithmatic Circuit