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International School of Business Management

Master of Business Administration - Agriculture Business Management

The Master of Business Administration (Agri Business Management) is a two year full time degree programme. A student in agribusiness will learn to manage companies which process, market, and merchandise agricultural products to customers and consumers. The student will explore business concepts and economic principles, knowledge and skill in management, marketing, and finance with an emphasis on specialized requirements of the agribusiness sector. Courses leading to a post-graduate degree in agribusiness includes accounting, agribusiness management, agricultural marketing, price analysis, finance, farm & ranch management, and quantitative analysis tools, along with courses in production agriculture.

Main features

•Focus on current industry need
•Regularly updating curriculum as per the changing industry standards
•Latest methods and techniques of curriculum delivery are being adopted as per the requirement of the industry
•Case-based teaching methodology
•Taught by accomplished faculty
•More focus on presentations, seminars, workshops and rural immersion is introduced to make the students aware of the latest terminology.

Role of the curriculum in the national development

The curriculum of MBA (Agri- Business Management ) is so designed that it helps the students to become not only better employable, but also motivate them to become entrepreneur. We at ISBM encourage our students to be self-dependent, motivate them to become leaders rather than followers.

Possibility, Motivation and Scope for Self Learning

To inspire and motivate the students for self-learning process, Seminars/ Workshops are included in the core curriculum, which inspires the students to learn new concepts and share it with others through presentations. Out of every four lectures allotted to each faculty, one is made compulsory as a presentation class. Thus, student not only undergoes learning but also implementing the theoretical concept in real world situation through the help of various simulation exercises.

Placement opportunities, etc

The curriculum offering a better chance of learning among the students, thus also offers better placement opportunities for them. Careers in agribusiness are varied from farming or ranching to commodity broker, food broker, loan officer, marketing researcher/specialist, product analyst, purchasing agent, statistician, and wholesaler.

Course Curriculum

The curriculum aims at providing a comprehensive coverage incorporating the foundation, functional and elective courses relevant to management discipline, in general and agribusiness management, in particular. The course curriculum includes compulsory courses, electives course, summer internship and project work as given below:-

First Semester

•Organizational Behavior I
•Quantitative Technique
•Marketing Management
•Management Information System
•Financial Accounting
•Seminar in Contemporary Issues

Second Semester

•Human Resource Management
•Research Methods in Management
•Corporate Financial Management
•Economic Environment of Business
•Cost & Management Accounting
•Strategic Marketing Decisions
•Minor Research Project

Third Semester

•Operation & Production Management
•Business Law
•Corporate Strategy & Ethics
•Agricultural & Food Policy
•Agriculture Finance & Banking
•Marketing of Agricultural Inputs & Outputs
•Food Supply Chain Management
•Summer Internship Project (SIP)

Fourth Semester

•Entrepreneurship & Small Scale Business Management
•Project Management
•Rural Marketing
•Agri-Business International Strategies and Organizations
•Food Processing & Value Addition
•International Agri-Food Trade
•Commodities Futures and Options Markets
•Rural Immersion Project.