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Creativity engenders innovation - new solutions, new ideas, and new approaches. Discipline supplies the habits of mind necessary to analyze innovations for both strengths and weaknesses, and to devise the most feasible plan for making a new proposal work in practice. ISBM has long embraced the entrepreneurial spirit of invention - and its power to reshape business and society - while teaching the hard skills that make innovative ideas work. Creating a professional is like walking on the road of excellence, which is a continuous journey and not a destination. The journey has just started, and through the defined Objectives, Goals, and KRAs, we at International School of Business Management strive to achieve the same excellence in every sphere of life. The emerging competitive landscape of business has rendered the need for a new cadre of professional with global outlook. Gyan Vihar's International School of Business Management provide strong foundation in our core management discipline through challenging and stimulating programs with real world exposure to cadre to the same need. To achieve the standards maintained, the objectives and goals of the school is been redefined to enhance the viability of quality education.


We shape the ISBM community with individuals who possess intellectual and interpersonal strengths. We also provide countless opportunities to further develop these skills. You'll experience this in our unique admissions process and our impressive array of student activities. We integrate experiential learning throughout our program. Students benefit from our approach; recruiters applaud it. Our aim is not only to prepare students for the next job, but to develop enduring real-world leaders. Academic excellence is always a top priority at ISBM. Our faculty is recognized as leaders in their field and their research and ideas shape the world of business. AT ISBM you will get more personalized attention: to help you gain career-specific knowledge, access a network that's right for you, and land your dream career.