Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR) was established in 2012 with an view to helping researchers, inventors, creators & other professionals manage their intellectual property rights through the legal machinery and also to manage its commercial aspects. Suresh GyanVihar University (SGVU), Jaipur has been striving to act as a podium for development and transfer of Technical & Managerial competence in the area of research and academics to meet changing needs of the corporate sector and society at large. Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR) will provide information, orientation and facilities to scientists and researchers of SGVU and its affiliated institutions for protecting the products of their intellectual powers. The Cell would also be able to guide and advise researchers on how to obtain and sustain patents, facilitate routing of patent searches to Patent Information Centre (PIC) and getting the necessary clearances from the competent authorities in the university while filing provisional/complete patent specifications. This Cell would also work-out various modalities on behalf of the University for Technology transfer/commercialization of patented technologies.

1. Prof. Ritu Gilhotra, Principal, School of Pharmacy: Convener
2. Dr. Puneet Bafna , Head, International School of Business Management: Member
3. Dr. Savita Shivani, Head, Diploma Engineering: Member
4. Dr. Nakuleshwar Dut Jasuja , School of Sciences: Member
5. Ms.Sandhya Sharma, Head, Electronics &Communication: Member
6. Ms. Vishu, Head, Electrical Engineering: Member Secretary