Internet Connectivity

"It is truly said by one of the Visionary that in 21 st century is the age of information only three things are needed Bread, Clothes and Bandwidth. On the same line Suresh GyanVihar University had taken a global step by increasing internet Bandwidth for its campus wide network to 40 MB. The university had created cyber space on it’s fully 300mbps Wi Fi campus with an internet bandwidth of 40 MBPS directly from national internet backbone. The internet @ Suresh GyanVihar University as fast as local area network, to make the internet Bandwidth future proof university had deployed Gigabit optical technology (GPON) from BSNL.

The network is so smart that it can provide direct connectivity with national knowledge network (NKN) which is one of the network between premium institution like IIT’s, national laboratory., NIT’s IISc ,IISERer. The Internet bandwidth of 40 mbps is divided among all stake holders of university .All student, faculty and administration staff of university and given access to its massive IT infrastructure. All students can access vast resource of information through high speed Wi-Fi campus wide network based on latest technology like wireless router, Smart Switches, optical backbone available on internet. University has future proof internet infrastructure based Cutting edge technology like, GPON ,802.11n Cisco router, Managed switches to facilitate seamless high speed internet access to all resident student, day scholars , faculty.

Student has world class network infrastructure to support following facility for the student not only from the campus but from anywhere in globe.
    1. Access to SGVU library
    2. Access to their scholastic record available through unique student management system
    3. Uninterrupted Knowledge sharing from vast resource from internet
    4. Searching and sharing of knowledge base of various research activities.
University uses one of the best technology for bandwidth sharing and management to cater information superhighway. It is truly said that SGVU is one of the premium institute who had implemented information super highway at campus level to harness best of the class information access to all stake holders.