Introduction to B.A. (Hons.) Politics and Society

Introduction to B.A. (Hons.) Politics and Society

Political issues are invariably social issues, involving questions of power, inequalities, conflict, and change in contemporary societies. This 3-year program helps you develop a rich, in-depth and well informed understanding of the social forces that create and sustain political and social institutions. It helps answer questions like: When do revolutions occur? What is the relationship between economic development and political liberalism? What are the limits of our freedom and who determines those limits?

B.A. (Hons.) Politics and Society is an interdisciplinary major which is primarily an intersection of political science and sociology. This program helps analyze various political processes and social transformations, both at the macro level of national and international politics and at the micro level. It has a local, national and international dimension that reflects current affairs and political agendas. So if you want to make a difference, have a say and help initiate change and acrtin policy at an individual, community and societal level, this course will give you’re the challenges and motivation to do so.

This program has been tailored to suit your own interests, with topics like:
  • Political Thought
  • Global politics
  • Principles and Practices of Democracy
  • Comparative Politics
  • Research Methods
  • Social and Political Movements
  • Social Theory
  • Kinship, Caste and Community
  • Social Change and Development
  • Agrarian Studies
  • Sociology of Post-Industrial Societies
This course take a people-centered approach, allowing you to explore how people struggle to change the worlds in which they live, how they try to get things done, and how they get governments to solve problems or to address injustices. The program focuses on the ideas that shape our world, the forms of power that seek to influence them and the political forces that can help and hinder progress.
This program can open the door to a number of avenues. These include:
  • Teaching
  • Civil Services
  • Local Government and Planning
  • Voluntary Organizations
  • Media
  • Journalism
  • NGO's
The student should have secured a minimum of 60% aggregate marks or equivalent grade in 10+2, in any discipline, to be eligible for this program.


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