About Us


How do we bring about a change in our decadent education space? How do we evolve, from producing simulacrums, mediocre renditions, of artificial intelligence in human bodies, to nourishing individuals who aren't just ready to face the challenges of the modern world but are also deeply aware of the society they live in? Individuals steeped in the politics and economics that surround them and present the promise to truly become the microcosm that humankind was always meant to be, to the macrocosm of universe. How do we train individuals to orient themselves to the ever widening frontiers of knowledge? The answer, as riddling as the question, doesn't lie with grousing old academicians who will, from years of conditioning, offer ideas which at best will sound like non sequiturs. The answer doesn't even lie in our age old practice of rummaging and scampering to find an all weather solution to a host of problems plaguing our system. The answer, to be honest doesn't exist, not at least in plain sight. We can keep cavilling about methods, processes and pedagogies or we can delve deeper into the problem space, uncovering and bringing to surface everything that lies in the benthic zone of our troubles. Disrupting the current ecosystem might not give us a panacea but will provide the grounds for a foundation on which the edifice of a better solution can be built. We want to do our bit in trying to disrupt the education ecosystem. The first step in this direction is the introduction of a program which will run less like a conventional degree program and more like an intensive wholesome module. An educational regimen which will work towards the end of producing virtuouso men and women, individuals ready to take on the challenges that the world throws at them, build bridges across the deep abyss of information gap and add real horsepower to our growth engines. We will be transforming the courses from the School of Sciences, School of Social Sciences and School of Humanities from being run of the mill undergraduate degree programs to programs which can revolutionise the way we look at knowledge creation, preservation and dissemination, programs which can truly quench the thirst of parched knowledge seekers. This is what we propose.

Admitting 100 honest students every year and change the way they have looked at education all their lives. Through the multifarious interdisciplinary courses we offer we are trying to nurture individuals who question everything they are taught, individuals who question the status quo and individuals who become good communicators, effective problem solvers, critical thinkers and ethical leaders. We as facilitators want them to ask difficult questions, pose difficult problems and make us fret everyday. The education we will strive to provide will be both liberal and rigorous at the same time. We want students to go beyond grades and degrees, to lead them on the quest to excellence and make them appreciate each others' talents, opinions, ideas and passions so that they can collectively realise the potential they hold.

Vision and Mission

  • A broad understanding of the liberal arts (that may be considered complete in itself or as suitable preparation for graduate studies), along with college level rhetorical acumen through exposure to the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, including mathematics.
  • Critical thinking skills via analysis and synthesis of interdisciplinary material studied in the classical and contemporary liberal arts.
  • Preparedness for active citizenship by means of a strong foundation in the liberal arts and an understanding of the connectedness of knowledge and learning.