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Department of Art,Media,Humanities and Social Science,SGVU


WHY Humanities and Social Science

  • Academic excellence is always a top priority at SGVU. Our faculty is recognized as experts in field of knowledge but also as leaders in their field of research as well.
  • With us the students get more personalized attention: to help them to land in their dream career.
  • Gyan Vihar's School of Humanities and Social Sciences provide indept knowledge in our core subjects through challenging and stimulating programs with real world exposure to cadre to the same need,while teaching the hard skills special emphasis is also been given to develop the employability skills.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit of invention & communication skills that make innovative ideas work.
  • We also provide countless opportunities to further develop these skills through seminars, workshop and conferences,Students experience this in our unique course content and our impressive array of student activities.
  • Our aim is not only to prepare students for the next job, but to develop enduring real-world leaders.

Know the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Regularly updated curriculum as per the international standards
  • Latest methods and techniques are being adopted for teaching
  • More scope for presentations, seminars and workshops is introduced to make the students aware of the latest terminology,in depth knowledge of the subject
  • The curriculum is so designed that it helps the student to grow their personality and communications skills also along with their regular studies.
  • Aptitude tests, group discussions, rigorous mock interviews help the students to churn up better placement offers for themselves during the placement exercise.
  • As per the requirement of the industry,the curriculum offering a better chance of learning among the students, thus also offers better placement opportunities for them.

What makes us Different

  • Well Qualified and Experienced faculty
  • Well Equipped laboratories.
  • Question bank/E- content
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Personalized attention for better career growth
  • Industry Institute Interface
  • More emphasis on practical implementation of the theories/concepts

Learning Methodology

The learning methodology is primarily experiential in nature with a focus on application of concepts. The methodology includes the following, based on the requirements of the specific course:

  • Classroom projects and exercises
  • Class simulations and management games
  • Group presentations
  • Study of contemporary articles from refereed journals
  • Field projects and company visits
  • Video presentations
  • Expert and guest lectures
  • Activity labs
  • Interactive lectures
We believes in the importance of giving its students extensive corporate exposure alongside invaluable academic inputs to ensure their all round development. The extensive corporate interface ensures this perfect mix of business acumen and academic intellect.