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School of Hotel Management

BTTM - Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

The Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management aims to provide a strong background in all aspects of Tourism Management and Travels Management. It has been designed for individuals who recognize the need to develop themselves for successful leadership in fashionable tourism or travel organizations. The hotel industry is a major component of the local, national and international economies providing employment for many millions of people worldwide. Every hotel is an individual business unit and the responsibility for ensuring that the hotel operates smoothly falls to general and specialist hotel managers who understand all areas of its operations including staff management, stock control, entertainment, marketing and finance. This program provides understanding of the theoretical and applied need for working in this industry. You will also have the opportunity to complete either the work-integrated learning practicum as part of your study or 250 hours of relevant industry experience that will ensure you graduate fully attuned to the culture, service and competitive aspects of hotel corporations. You will receive a thorough education in hotel management underpinned by integrated core business courses. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, particularly in the Asia Pacific County. One significant factor in sustaining growth in this sector is a competent workforce. India has become one of the most attractive destinations across the globe. As a result, the significance of hospitality industry has grown in India. Hospitality is essentially associated with customer service. Students who are responsible and have a pleasing personality and friendly nature should opt for this field. The growing importance of hospitality sector across the country has given rise to several institutes that offer specialized training to the students in customer service. Several job opportunities are available for students in aviation, tourism and hospitality sector. Travel and Tourism in India is becoming one of the most revenue generating sectors. The professionals in the travel and tourism industry are mainly concerned with offering services to people who are on holiday or on business. Young people with a pleasing and attractive personality and a lot of patience should join the travel and tourism sector.

Career in Travel and Tourism

In India, Travel and tourism has been somewhat slower to take off than in many other places. However, with increasing worldwide interest in travel and with the Government's encouragement of its activities, it is undergoing massive expansion and improvement. This forecasts a bright future for all those who choose to make a career of travel and tourism. Young people with drive and a capacity for hard work can rise to top positions very quickly in travel and tourism or even head their own agencies. A job in the industry gives good returns as well as perks including opportunity to see many locales at low prices. After gaining relevant knowledge and expertise as a travel professional, one can choose to get self employed.

Course Detail Under Travel and Tourism

The graduate degree awarded of Tourism Administration (BHMTT), which is a two year full time programme approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. A graduate degree can be helpful in getting into managerial and administrative positions in the industry. International Air transport Association (IATA), a World Organization which provides recognized standard in training to travel, tourism and cargo industry, offers certification courses. Several large travel agencies also offer short-term training programs, and tend to absorb most of the candidates. The duration of training varies between one and two years, depending on the course. For certification courses the duration may be less than one year.

Travel and Tourism Industry Look For ?

A good communication and presentation skills is essential in the industry where service to the customer is of utmost importance. An outgoing and friendly personality having ability to handle people, verbal fluency and aptitude for languages will be advantageous to be successful in the field. One should also have an up-to-date knowledge of available facilities and services in the field. In the administrative or managerial level, organizing ability, an ability to make decisions, solve problems, work effectively within a team will be essential.

Prospects in Travel and Tourism Industry

In the public sector, there are opportunities in the Directorates and Departments of Tourism of the center and the state as officers, information assistants, and tourist guides etc. Another good prospectus for qualified tourism professionals are in the private sector with travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, hotels, transport and cargo companies etc. With expansion in tourism our country has been experiencing an easy flow of domestic and foreign traffic which is why the scope of employment is multiplying. Not many qualified and experienced people are available therefore after completion of a course in travel and tourism one can also start their own business by handling all travel requirements of a client and gradually building up business, taking on additional employees.

Expected Remuneration On Completing a Course in Travel and Tourism?

The remuneration factor varies between large scale and small scale travel units. However, regional guides may charge Rs 500 per hour for a reputed travel house and above for an eight hour day. They may earn between Rs 30,000-40,000 for an extended trip or more. The travel house also has desk works like booking tickets and holiday consultant work which involves organizing tailor made tours and providing all-important details that are needed making travel plans the remuneration starts from Rs 8,000 and can go up depending on the tourist peak season and the travel house they are employed with.

Per Year Fee: 60,000 INR / $3000 USD Course Duration: 4 Years