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School of Hotel Management



History and mythology have always landed the Indian culture for its great tradition of hospitality. Entertaining the guest to his or her satisfaction has been a custom of the soil. An Indian host is completely contented only when his guests are satisfied with the hospitality provided. A glance into our past reveals that providing hospitable comforts to guest have been a way of life, and different conventions of hospitality were prevalent in different periods. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and this has led to an exponential growth in the Hospitality sector. New hotels and hotel chains are coming up every day keeping in view of the Commonwealth Games 2010. It offers employment to millions of people worldwide ranging from budget, heritage to luxury hotels. To cater to the burgeoning requirement of the hospitality industry for trained professionals, we provide quality education along with practical hands on training which enables our students to get absorbed easily in the industry and to ensure that our students are amongst the very best we at Gyan Vihar have provided the best in terms of Quality of delivery of hotel Management Education. Gyan Vihar School of Hotel Management was started in the year of 2004 and the bud has showing its colours in the form of our glittering students. Gyan Vihar School of Hotel Management is now a part of Suresh Gyan Vihar University established in the year 2008. Since 2004 the department has seen tremendous changes in terms of well equipped labs, theater classrooms, Wi-Fi in the campus and restaurant of its own. The School is committed to develop the department further so as to provide the students with the right skills set to enter the Hospitality industry and to be creative at each point so as to stand in the competition.