Shri Suresh Sharma was born on 27th October 1948 in a reputed Brahmin Family. His father Acharya Shri Purushottam Ji Uttam, the well-known academician was his first Guru from whom he learnt to cherish and live a life founded on high moral and ethical values. During his childhood the principles and ideals of socialism created a deep impression on him under the guidance of his father and by interacting with his father’s socialist friends. Nationalism, and a deep sympathy and affection for weaker sections of the society became the motivating forces of his life. Providing self-less services to the needy and the down trodden became his primary objective of his life.

In his student life he raised and led a movement against the British tradition of convocation. Soon he was involved in an agitation against the anti poor policies of state government and was eventually arrested. These activities catapulted him in the socio-political movement of the state.

At a tender age of only 25 he became the "Voice of the People". He was the basic pillar of the literacy programme that ran in the state during 1975-1977. This informal educational movement motivated him to establish some formal educational institution. Thus, he joined 'Sahitya Sadawart Samiti' a renowned educational institution founded by Acharya Shri Purushottam Uttam.

Meanwhile he spent most of his time with people living in slums, the minority community and the inhabitants of rural areas. He constantly fought to alleviate their problems and sought to improve their lot and this is the reason why people from these areas always admired and respected him. He was holding key positions of several organizations and institutions. For a decade he served as a president of Jaipur District Congress. During this period he successfully raised public grievances more than 200 times through Dharna, Satyagrah and peaceful demonstrations.

Gyan Vihar, the revolutionary educational institute, was founded by him in 1994 as a pre-primary school. Due to his dynamic and energetic direction within a short span it emerged as a leading academic institution of the state providing education from Kindergarten to University.

Gyan Vihar is an eloquent testimony to the vision, motivation and labour of Shri Suresh Sharma. His zeal, dedication and infinite energy inspired others, motivating them for a collective effort to achieve perfection.. This was the spirit of Shri Suresh Sharma and this has remained the spirit of Gyan Vihar.